Reach for the Repeat Button With Brooke August's "Don't Go"

Giving you the goods from Nashville to Los Angeles, the 29-year-old singer-songwriter Brooke August is an alternative R&B artist who stops at nothing until her audience forms a deeper connection with themselves through her passion-fueled, emotive music.

While singing in choirs and taking part in community musical theater throughout her adolescence, it wasn’t long before Brooke August felt obliged to flee her hometown and hit the city of angels. With inspirations that stem from life experiences that motivate her to create music surrounding the ups and downs of her relentless journey, we get the compelling spirit of Brooke August locked into her melodies.

In the soothing essence of her poignant single, “Don’t Go,” a dazzling expression through sensual vocals immerse our speakers in thought-provoking harmonies. With slow-tempo instrumentation that drives you towards the force field of her undeniable passion, Brooke August’s emotion-filled timbres cascade upon the lush guitar riffs, delicate piano chords, and golden saxophone notes heard in the musicality.

Sending chills down our spine with the wide vocal range she effortlessly scales through, the compassion laced into each cognizant word of Brooke August has us hanging onto the lyrically inclined finesse she pours onto this sonic canvas. Paving her own path in a buoyant universe that emits feel-good vibrations of adoration, we hear the repetition etch in our minds as Brooke August powerfully radiates the words ‘please, please, please don’t go, go, go.’

Feeding her audience a feast of captivating talent in the breathtaking progression of “Don’t Go,” it’s hard not to gravitate towards the warm embrace that this burgeoning alternative R&B artist sheds. As we gulp down her inspirational waves of grippingly raw emotion, Brooke August has us reaching for the repeat button as we never want this song to leave our reach.