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Reaching for the Clouds, J. Begalla Let's Us Into His Mind With "How Bad Do You Want It?"

J. Begalla is a producer, songwriter, and musical hypebeast from Los Angeles, by way of Florida and Massachusetts. He got his start playing guitar for local Florida rappers and singers in his teenage years, and this led him to study songwriting and production at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he garnered a reputation as both a producer and performer.

It was his time studying and partying, in Valencia, Spain that inspired him to become a producer. Falling in love with analog synthesizers, and the technical aspect of recording, J. Begalla went full time into producing music, thus launching his artistic career.

Taking a year off to work with various artists, J. Begalla returns with the alternative pop statement titled, “How Bad Do You Want It?.” Instantaneously calling to the warmth that we long for, opulent guitar riffs can be heard profoundly laying down a solidified foundation in the production at hand.

There’s a buoyancy that launches itself from the effervescent melodies disbursed through this track, as we take in the alluring quintessence of J. Begalla organically. We can’t help but be pulled into the entrancing effect that J. Begalla and his brilliantly flowing timbres encompass as we weave our thoughts around lyrical motifs such as, ‘I don't wanna second guess my gut. Chasing moments that I wanna feel most.”

You’re exposed to the various dimensions of J. Begalla seeping through every ounce of charisma that he effortlessly portrays in “How Bad Do You Want It?.” Navigating us through soothing elements that waver in the realms of heartrending and authenticity, we latch onto the overall artistic virtuoso that leaps from his veracity.

Leaving us stuck with harmonious descants bobbling in our brain, we admire the way that this record progresses in the direction of where J. Begalla is meant to be with his artistry.

Hello J. Begalla, welcome to BuzzMusic, and huge congratulations on the release of “How Bad Do You Want It?” and your return to your solo career. What was the inspiration that sparked the creative process for this track?

Thank you so much! It feels great to be back sharing music. My inspiration for the song came from trying to overcome my own fear of sharing. I am a massive perfectionist and for a while, I was so afraid of any sort of judgment that it crippled me. I became far too precious with my music to the point where I wasn’t getting anywhere. One day, I asked myself “where do you want to be, and how bad do you want to get there?” I made a physical list of all of the things I wanted to do in my life. The catalyst for making those things happen was to share my work! I made “How Bad Do You Want It?” as a reminder to myself to always be confident with my work and precise with my artistic vision.

After taking this time off, have you noticed changes in how you approach your solo work? Were there any important learning moments along the way?

I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my solo material! When I wasn’t releasing music, I was working with other artists on their songs. The collaborative environment helped me a lot to learn how to have a healthy relationship with my own material. Often times when I’m working with another artist, we don’t get it done in one day. We’ll have a session where we get the ideas out and write the bulk of the song. Then we’ll have a vocal recording session or two, then tons of editing sessions! I used to not do that for myself at all, but once I started breaking my sessions up into focused periods, the quality of everything improved. That was entirely the case with this song as it took me 6 months to finish! This song helped me develop infinitely healthier creative habits, and I’ll always be grateful to the song for that.

How does “How Bad Do You Want It?,” speak into who you are as an artist and creative? Is this the sound that we can expect from you moving forward?

"How Bad Do You Want it?” is describing everything I want in my life. I want to be the absolute best at the things I love and I will stop at nothing to get there. I wasn’t confident in the things I was doing for a very long time. This feels like a new beginning in that I won’t be petrified to share stuff. It’s the manifesto of the new chapter of my life, and a promise to myself that I will never be afraid to share. Musically, it combines my love of pop music, analog synths, and bouncy drums. I love pop music and pop songwriting. The top pop writers know how to be precise with every single word. I wanted to combine that sort of precision with my own desire to experiment and add wacky sounds. I love flange, wacky drums, and big roaring synths. I think you’ll always hear those things in my music to a degree, but hopefully, I develop on them even more in the future. I always want to get better and learn new things!

What would you like your audience to take away from the themes and messaging heard in this song?

I hope anyone who listens to this song feels cool as hell hahaha. I want them to know that whatever they’re creating in their lives deserves to be seen. And to remember that the hardest thing in the world is to create, and to never let any judgment define you, only improve you!

What's next for you?

I’ve got more songs to share! As well as a sample pack with 200+ sounds I’ve made from scratch for producers and songwriters to use to make cool stuff. And I’m always collaborating with artists on their records (Rhoadse has some amazing stuff coming).


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