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Recapping Freddie Freeloader's Interview on His Emotion-Packed Breakup Single, "I THINK SHE THINKS"

BuzzMusic readers, do you remember anonymous singer/songwriter Freddie Freeloader? His latest track, "I THINK SHE THINKS" had debuted not too long ago, and we had a chance to catch up with the thought-provoking musician to get a deeper understanding of his creative mindset.

Being his first-ever release, "I THINK SHE THINKS" was intended to portray a variety of hardships that Freddie Freeloader had endured, specifically regarding an ex-lover. His ultimate expressions relating to personal emotions and thoughts are relayed and listeners may hone into the very potency of emotion that Freddie Freeloader conveys himself.

"I THINK SHE THINKS" put forth an easily digestible ambiance, where listeners were granted the opportunity to openly explore the depths of the song's narrative. Being a lover of open interpretation, Freddie Freeloader is very much privy to the fact "I THINK SHE THINKS" may be understood in various ways, so take what you can from his emotionally stirring single.

To hear and read more on Freddie Freeloader's vacant love story, click on his full BuzzMusic article, here.

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