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Recapping R.A.E. RealAndExplicit's Latest BuzzMusic Interview and Release, "I BEEN"

R.A.E. RealAndExplicit offered her latest project, "I BEEN," to hip/hop fans this past month. Her artistic persona speaks volumes in this track and shines a light on attractive elements of her musical capabilities.

During R.A.E. RealAndExplicit's BuzzMusic interview, she elaborated that the chosen beat for "I BEEN" gave her a "storytelling feel," in which she knew it was the right product for her track. Lyrically, "I BEEN" hones into the grind and focus that R.A.E. RealAndExplicit has possessed through her life and continues to possess.

She works to motivate her listeners through "I BEEN" by speaking the truth and pushing the fact that we all have to keep going no matter the circumstances. Aspects of R.A.E. RealAndExplicit poetic side were able to flourish through the constructed message, and thus listeners saw a raw, vulnerable side to her and her artistry.

If you're wondering what's next for R.A.E. RealAndExplicit, she's planning on dropping new music with her on-the-side girl group, Suicide Dollz. Regarding her solo act, R.A.E. RealAndExplicit can be found working the ropes in advancing her own music, clothing, and radio brand. The grind is definitely real, R.A.E. RealAndExplicit!

Read the full BuzzMusic article on R.A.E. RealAndExplicit and her song, "I BEEN," here.


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