RED Has The Song Of The Summer With “Hater”

Who is RED? He’s a rapper from Ontario Canada who first got into hip-hop by listening to Big L’s song titled “Put It On” when he was simply just 14 years old. During his freshman year, RED was writing lyrics and making diss tracks towards the students that picked on him in high school, he’s influenced by rappers like Swizzy B, Russ, Sheperd, Chris Webbly and more. After graduating from college, he began practicing his flow to beats alongside mixing and mastering his own music. As he developed over time as an artist. He gained quite the recognition from many people. Although he has made it very far, RED continues to be a self-made rapper cause he doesn't have a team to help him get far and he mostly does everything on his own except for producing his own beats.

So we took a listen to this important artist and his skillsets by checking out the release of his recent release titled “Hater” completely recorded, and remastered by RED himself. This song was super catchy with a nice hook that rode the wave of the beat. Everything was efficient and fit the entire aesthetic of the youth today which is Fun, Outgoing, and Charismatic. While listening to this song you’re bound to want to get hype, but you’re also enjoying how this record truly catches a vibe for you. RED self-producing “Hater” demonstrated how he’s a true contender from the new era of hip-hop. This new culture of rap where people are learning to become a multitude of different artistic measures is what this promising star represents. And if you don’t like what you hear? well, you’re just a hater!

Check out "Hater" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic RED! How would you describe the journey for you so far? What’s been the most monumental moment in your career?

The journey for me so far has been great, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs from buying equipment and taking time after graduating college to decide If wanted to rap. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do music since I had felt like I wouldn’t get listened too but then I realised that it’s all about my output verses the numbers. Obviously numbers are important so I can understand what my audience wants. My music is personal to me and I want to make the music that I want to make. The most monumental moment in my career  is one of my favourite rappers named Hi-Rez responded to my comment on his YouTube channel and liked my comment on Instagram, it was a amazing moment since one of the rappers I look up too and listen too noticed me and took time out of his day to respond to me.

What are some challenges you may face? How do you overcome these obstacles and learn from them?

The challenges I may face are getting clowned for wanting to rap since I didn’t rap about people liked such as money, cars, women, drugs and violence and being told people like me shouldn’t be rapping at all and I look like someone who doesn’t rap. I overcame the obstacles by ignoring the comments and criticism I got for doing what I like since it isn’t relevant to me at all. As Gary Vee said “ feel sorry for the person that took time outta their day to send you hate” those words it self really made me realise that it’s not my fault it’s theirs since they took time to say that to me and each person had a different way of thinking about me and wanting to rap.

Let’s talk about your music! “Hater” was a hit! What was the meaning behind it?

The meaning behind Hater is that in the earlier days of my career I had brought out a remix to Lil Xan’s track Decieved and I got a lot of hate for it so I used that as inspiration to write Hater since the people who hated my track weren’t rappers at all and were jealous of me rapping better than they thought. So after that  I took a month off to invest in equipment, I got a DM from a producer offering free beats if I subscribed to him so I did and got the beat from him and started writing to it and it came up with Hater. I had made a earlier version of it without a hook and it sounded really distorted since it wasn’t mixed properly and Hater is an authentic RED track since that’s how RED wants to sound.

In what ways can you relate to the lyrics in “Hater”?

I can relate to the lyrics in Hater as in the 2nd verse I say “ if you spend your time Hating you’ll never get far” 

if your hating on someone for whatever reason you won’t get far with it since all your doing is talking bad about them and it won’t get you anywhere in life so cause of that bar I didn’t hate on any other rappers again.

Summer is here! What’s your summer goal RED?

My summer goal is to release more music and maybe bring back making remix’s to other songs. I also want to connect with my fans since I appreciate every single one of them for supporting me and listening to me. I plan on going around the city to enjoy the great weather and I plan on meeting my biggest supporter who is a YouTube vlogger shout out to Adeel from Adeel’s World, he’s been there from the beginning of time and to meet my producer AWOL Productions , Shout out to you AWOL Productions you taught me a lot a lot about the game.

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