Rediisin Channels His Competitive Drive on His Latest Single, "Sucks @ Sports"

The Toronto-based New Wave/Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Drummer, and Session Musician Rediisin bask in a competitive spirit with his latest Synth-Pop single, "Sucks @ Sports." 

The Vietnamese-Canadian drummer and performer began his career performing in the Vietnamese community and later ventured into sound mixing, promoting drum teaching, and managing/playing in his former group Low Kites. 

With his latest single "Sucks @ Sports," we can see Rediisin's drag culture and New Wave influence shine through the track's upbeat and retro production. All while Rediisin sings lyrics of questioning why accepting defeat irks him, the song makes for an exhilarating experience through each groovy element. 

"Sucks @ Sports" begins with retro-inspired synths exuding a high energy Synth-Pop/New Wave appeal. As Rediisin begins vocalizing in an incredibly playful and animated fashion, his lyrics become vivid and extremely clear while depicting inner thoughts of feeling trapped in his mind and wondering why defeat takes such a toll on him. 

The gripping instrumentation and production is truly a transcendent experience, completely submerged in the sonic depths of New Wave and Synth-Pop through various synth melodies and basslines that keep our feet tapping. We must note the dynamic contrast between Rediisin's lyricism and his vocal delivery/supporting production makes for quite a unique and authentic piece. 

"Sucks @ Sports" offers an anthem for the artistic kings and queens everywhere who channel that competitive spirit and dread of defeat into their music for an exhilarating experience, and we're highly impressed with Redsiin's rhythmic vocal portrayal and overall performance on this lively single. 

Stream "Sucks @ Sports" here.

We love the energy and playful delivery you bring on "Sucks @ Sports." What inspired such a unique single like this?

The way I like to write my songs is a reflection of a feeling, the song's lyrics and feel represent how I felt playing sports growing up and now. Sports are fun but for someone who isn't competitive, it becomes overwhelming. "Sucks @ Sports" takes the feeling of being overwhelmed and applies it into something playful, just like overthinking a game. 

We noticed that you're a sound mixer as well as an artist. Did you produce the sonics for your single "Sucks @ Sports?" How did you build your sonics to be so lively and animated?

I did produce the sounds of this song and will continue on the next songs. I started as a drummer and slowly picked up more instruments, favoring synth and guitar, only now exploring my voice. My style is electroacoustic, where I combine acoustic/electronic instruments with different kinds of analog/digital recording techniques. For example, in this song, I used an analog drum machine for the kick, a live snare, and live overheads for my hi-hat and cymbals. Added, I'm using digital samples, analog synth bass, and live guitar. 

Could you explain why you chose to provide such a contrast between your lyricism and your upbeat vocal portrayal of "Sucks @ Sports?" Why did you make the song as energetic as it is? 

Sports are fast-paced and I've always liked fast-paced music, but this song needed some kind of melancholic feel because the song is about wishing the game would end. All I did was try to find a middle ground between the upbeat feel of playing sports and the grogginess of being tired of sports. 

You've mentioned that at times you feel torn between two sides as a biracial bisexual. How do you inspire others with your music who might be going through a similar situation?

With my music, I want to show that you can have fun no matter who you are or if you've figured it out yet. I still feel torn between two sides musically and personally but it doesn't stop me from continuing to look where I fit. I feel torn in two, which gives me hope to think that there are more people who also feel torn in two, making us fit in with each other! Our only job is to find each other and grow this community of normalizing spectrums. 

This year has been extremely difficult for the music industry. What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating new music?

I have always wanted to come out as a songwriter. Before covid, I was in school, working 2 jobs, and playing in a band, so my ideas for my own sound never came to flourish; before that, I wasn't confident enough to make these ideas tangible. Being in isolation is what brought me to begin my journey as an artist. I've never felt like any one thing in music (a songwriter, a producer, etc...) and the creative field is becoming a spectrum where artists are expected to have more diverse skills in order to compete. I used this time in isolation to figure out what I can do and use my skills any way I can. I know I want to spend my life doing music and I have to be able to take any/all opportunities I can.