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RedrumSociety Describes A Relationship's "Stormy Weather"

Florida-based edgy alternative band and four-piece RedrumSociety returns with a sharp and conceptual new tune entitled "Stormy Weather."

RedrumSociety is made up of frontman Zach Cohen, Sean Chesal on drums, Andrew Platt on the keys, and Ruddy Simon on bass. Original member Zach Cohen started the band in high school, but after spiraling into a drug-induced downfall, he took a three-year break to recollect himself. Now, the new and improved RedrumSociety is showing us what they're made of.

The versatile alternative band has had tracks hit the pop, blues, and alternative charts, and their latest single truly captures the essence of RedrumSociety's artistic range. "Stormy Weather" offers the band's classic form with a baroque style arrangement that brings listeners through the trials and tribulations of unhealthy love and verbal abuse.

Jumping into "Stormy Weather," RedrumSociety kicks the track opens with a psychedelic clarinet of some sort that quickly gets bulldozed by the band's riveting alternative-rock instrumentals. As Zach Cohen begins expanding on a lover who treats him like the dirt beneath his feet, RedrumSociety makes its way over to the sharp and anthemic hook that breaks down with a heavy and rhythmic instrumental, truly ramping up all the energy this song has to offer.

We love the dynamic feel of this song, and RedrumSociety's lyrical arrangements are perfect for anyone to sing along with. This track offers equal amounts of nostalgia and modernity, and we truly appreciate the band's ability to take gritty alternative-rock instrumentals and merge them with modern pop elements like fluid vocal harmonies, a timpani line, and cinematic strings.

Maybe take a rain check, as RedrumSociety calls for "Stormy Weather" in the forecast. Find the thrilling new single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, RedrumSociety. You left us dead in our tracks with the anthemic and fiery new single, "Stormy Weather." How long did it take to create such a complex and tightly-wound piece like this?

Thanks, glad it worked! "Stormy Weather" was one of those songs that quickly wrote itself. Sometimes when the song is so emotionally charged and ego-filled, my hand can't keep up with the pace of my mind, as was the case with "Stormy Weather."

What inspired the lyrical theme in "Stormy Weather" of verbal abuse and turbulent relationships?

"Stormy Weather" was inspired by a relationship I was in at the time. My girlfriend at the time was always finding something wrong with what I was doing, or just even who I was as a person at the core of who I am. I didn't always just lay down and take it, but boy did I always hear it. Writing this song was maybe my greatest form of defense from totally breaking down. I wanted to write an honest song about how I was being treated in an attempt to take power back. I must add, it was successful, no matter how well the song was received. I also hope it can connect to others that feel the same way and help them.

Regarding the instrumentals and sound within "Stormy Weather," could you enlighten us on how that creative process looked? Who handled which aspects of that process?

While some songs that have already been released feature the whole band, this is one of the last songs before the current lineup was formed. So this song was created by me sitting in my room tracking the various parts. I then took it to Fourth Street Recording in Santa Monica, California, to track the vocals with producers Sejo Nevajas and Brandon Sweeney. From there, they, along with engineer Jose Alcantar, mixed the song and would send me takes back to Florida, and we would go back and forth on facetime comparing notes. Those guys care a lot about RedrumSociety, and all four of us had different opinions. But we all had the same goal and eventually came to what you hear now!

What sort of listening experience did you want to give your audience with "Stormy Weather?" How did you want the song to make them feel?

We wanted a mellow yet somewhat aggressive feel to come through. This shows the comfort and acceptance of being mistreated while still having the readiness to leave. The hope is that the song's message will help anyone who hears it, that is experiencing something similar, feel less alone in their situation. That it's ok to end up here and that you can get out at any time.

What's next for you?

We have been writing plenty of new songs as of late! We hope to get those on the radio, make some new music videos, and get enough money for a van to go on tour!


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