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Reezy FN Releases The Danceable Tune “Girl”

Born and raised in the Barbados, Ramal Reezy FN Cumberbatch came to Canada when he was only 8 years old. This is where he discovered his love for music. Although nothing was made easy, Reezy FN launched his own Entertainment company titled “FromNothin Entertainment inc” which was founded in January 2007. And since then, Reezy FN has gone on to accomplish many great things including opening for artists like Snoop Dogg, Nelly, Tory Lanez, Kranium, and many more!

Reezy FN released his latest single titled “Girl” featuring the iconic Sean Kingston and it was a whole melodic vibe we were here for. This song gave Reezy FN significant amount of traction as an independent artist and also displayed the star in him that’s undeniably noticeable. “Girl” had this super cool mix of reggaeton, dancehall, pop, hip-hop , and even Rnb. it was a massive mash of genres but it was super infectious and absolutely addicting! The element of Barbados felt like it was projected through the aesthetic of “Girl” which showed us that Reezy FN pays homage to his background and culture! A super cool feature in the song if you in tune yourself with everything it presents! If you watched the music video released to the single you will see how Reezy FN displayed his outgoing and vibrant personality which added another dimension to the song. “Girl” is a dance able song with a colorful appeal and it will have your hips moving and swaying alongside the rhythmic beat and trailblazing vocals!

Listen to "Girl" here and get to know more about Reezy FN below!

Hello Welcome to Buzzmusic,can you tell our readers about yourself?

I’m born in Barbados my first love was basket ball and I  have alot of family

What are some challenges you’ve faced in launching your own Entertainment company? How has the journey been so far?

The journey has been long and full Of a lot of hard work and dedication and in this line of work u face a lot of challenges  interms of betrayal the kno how attaining money the support of your own town and people actually believing in me

Tell us about “girl” and the meaning behind it?

Just basically that life is short  and that I’m down for my woman and there is nothin I wouldn’t do for her and let’s just have fun and enjoy life  because tomorrow is not promised

What are some Key influences for songwriting?

Belief in what message your tryin to project to your audience reading a lot of different books which is the biggest one because reading teaches u how to begin sentences seeing different words

And how to put words together and then u find a clever way to tell your story with what u have learnt and I know it sounds easier said then done lol 

What's next for you?

Next for me would be to find ways to make myself a better song writer surround myself 

around Genuine love,touring expanding my clothing line, projects and building and empire 


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