Reflect with the Sounds of 'Finding You,' by Under Changeover

Under Changeover is the project from the Italian-Scottish musician Adriano Iiriti. Coming from a piano formation, he immersed himself into the electronic world, giving birth to his first self-produced album in 2018 titled "Moving."

With that merely being the beginning of his journey, Adriano Iiriti continues to take strides in the music community as Under Changeover. Taking it upon himself to swarm his listeners in a thorough execution of purely instrumental emotions that define his sonic identity, Under Changeover delivers a three-track EP with the intriguing name, 'Finding You.'

Tapping into the introductory single of the effervescent project, we begin with the prevailing sounds of "Sonic." The textures that are emitted in this particular track glimmer in syncopation. Focusing on a blend of targeted synths, dazzling piano keys, and enticing hi-hats, the universe that you enter with "Sonic" forces you to exercise your mind in an intriguing soundscape. The intensity is sporadic as you reach the weighty bass component that shifts your sense into an ominous fusion allowing your mind to cascade amongst the musical tenor created by Under Changeover. Setting the pace of 'Finding You,' the surge of swift anticipation fills our bodies in a unified fashion.

As we are lured into the dark alleyway of heavy synths fueling a corrosive atmosphere of expectancy, we're offered the mysterious tones that commence "Emotion 8.42." Building towards a lucid wave of atmospheric relief, the contrast between the buoyant and shadowy components creates an ethereal world to explore sonically. Under Changeover pushes the envelope in what is an emotionally felt record playing upon the listener's state. With each audience member varying, the interpretation wavers as the musical messaging remains cognizant. "Emotions 8.42" rids any typecasts of what cerebral platforms electronic music can invite itself into, and in turn, offers up thought-provoking realism for the listener to feast upon.

Reaching the final track to be shared on the 'Finding You' EP, we set sails on an energetic voyage radiating from the up-tempo depths of "Having Guts." With this project embodying a sonic exploration of the mind and soul, we feel that this is the perfect send-off for the full body of work. Embracing dance-like vibrations that transport you to a thorough sweep of your consciousness, we are overflowing with melodicism that mashes various hues in a bravura display of charisma. As the infectious grooves make shifts in the soundwaves before you, you feel a triumphant sense of victory as the last series of notes is performed on 'Finding You.'

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Adriano Iiriti, we are thrilled with the sonic voyage taking over in, “Finding You.” What was the overall theme that you were looking to capture with this EP?

With my new second album 'Finding You' I wanted to put at the center of this project the persevering research of my sonic identity, emotions arising directly from my synth machines and my hands without imposing myself and stylistic barriers. I always did experimental electronic music in the past but I also liked all the rest of the spectral possibilities of the electronic genre. so I thought I will record just what I feel without thinking too much and just finding my own path. How long did it take you to create the songs that we hear? Could you please share a glimpse of the creative process with us?

I started recording my first sketches in summer 2019 and it took nearly 1 year and a half to finish all songs. Usually, when I write music I start from the piano, if something happens in my life or if I have a feeling, this time I wanted to create something from a whole new perspective. Starting from writing directly on my synthesizers and focusing just on sounds and structures. This approach gave me the knowledge to know what I liked and what I didn’t and from that point, I left my music to carry me. So in a kind of way is an emotional and sound aesthetically project. Out of the three songs heard, do you have a particular song that resonates with you more than others?

I don’t think so, since the whole album is just 8 songs, all 8 have their own kind of “world” and feeling. I can say that in particular these three singles you will hear exploding colors and energy with the snappy “Sonic", going through romantic sounds in “Emotion 8,42” ending with club culture vibrations with “Having Guts." What is the dream collaboration for Under Changeover? What's your reasoning?

I guess my nowadays dreaming collaboration would be with @Dardust, I feel that we have the same attitude with music without imposing ourselves any stylistic genre or barriers. He blends piano with electronics and I come from that world too. I have the same approach with electronics as I did with my piano writing. How does “Finding You,” compare to other songs in your musical catalog?

'Finding You' is the first true evolution of my music, I come from a piano background and experimental electronic music, but I always did music that I liked to listen to, in this new album I found my own path and style so I guess I found also myself.