Release Pent Up Emotions With Sasha Smith's Relatable Single, "Been Waiting So Long"

Coming in from San Sebastián, Spain, the alternative artist and singer-songwriter Sasha Smith releases an emotional installment to his '#pinkfridays vol. II' collection entitled, "Been Waiting So Long."

Spending his time creating art and yearning for a slower-paced life, Sasha Smith calms his mind by letting his artistic abilities speak for themselves. Struggling to fit into a box or specific genre, Sasha Smith expresses a similar tone to that of Phoebe Bridgers, The 1975, and Bon Iver. With each release, Sasha Smith continuously strives to engage listeners through his honest and genuine lyricism.

Releasing the third installment to the collections of singles '#pinkfridays vol. II,' with the emotional piece, "Been Waiting So Long," Sasha Smith offers a blend of Ray Lamontagne and Chris Cornell through his reflective lyricism and chilling vocal abilities. Singing of loneliness, isolation, and despair, Sasha Smith states, "It just serves the need for an outlet for all the emotions that rack up year after year of trials and failures."

Taking a listen to "Been Waiting So Long," the piece opens with soothing acoustic guitar melodies and a whaling electric guitar that sweetens our speakers in honest emotion. As Sasha Smith makes his vocal appearance, he takes us by the hand and guides us through each relatable theme he exclaims. Singing of prolonged isolation and the dreadful toll it takes on lives everywhere, Sasha Smith belts his vocals on the hook while heightening the song's emotion.

As the instrumentals begin to expand, we can't help but feel a psychedelic 60s flair to The Beatles through Sasha Smith's layered vocals on the hook and unconventional yet strikingly melancholy melodies. Reaching the end of the piece, we're met with a powerful outro through the tight and soulful instrumentals and Sasha Smith's enthralling vocals.