Release Rewind: Ravyyyy Rev's Up Her Engine For What's to Come

Hailing from New Jersey, R&B/Trap singer, Ravyyyy waves her talents around in the most luxurious manner. Being a singer her entire life, Ravyyyy is only just tapping into her artistic side, as an emerging artist on the scene. Since her decision of sharing her talents with the world, Ravyyyy has been making major waves as she turns heads globally. Consistently keeping fans entertained through the disordered year of 2020, Ravyyyy has been releasing intoxicating melodies that remain timeless in the industry.

Beginning the year with an intense ambiance, “Waiting For You,” is a SoundCloud exclusive that has listeners enthralled in the lavish vibrations of Ravyyyy. With the sultry vocal delivery, we hear her tell a tale of patiently waiting for the apple of her eye to make the first move so they can commence the alluring motions of where the evening is headed. Dipped in glistening poise, Ravyyyy sets the tone for her year as she has her audience hanging on to each word shed.

Keeping the pace on track with another SoundCloud exclusive, Ravyyyy elevates the atmospheric soundscape to a dreamy cloud nine bops, “Come Get Me,” which has you feeling opulent as you take in the mid-tempo bliss of confidence and self-assurance. Heavenly vocals are performed as they emphasize the importance of knowing your worth. Caught in the nostalgic mindset of wanting your crush to pick you as their person, this track emits sparkling flaunt it if you got it a liveliness.

As we dip into the spellbinding melodies that you can hear on any streaming platform of your choice, April serves us sensations of temptation in, “Study You.” Delving into the curiosity sector that the mind produces, Ravyyyy takes the relaxed and delicate wave of this masterpiece to shine a light on wanting to know everything about her significant other; in fact, the title says it all, she wants to study them. Using metaphors in her wordplay to dance upon the topic, Ravyyyy shows us the sensual side of her spirit as she stays steady releasing harmonious ecstasy.

As Ravyyyy takes us deep into the quintessence of, “Pull Up,” we’re entranced with the enticing instrumentation that builds a fortified foundation for Ravyyyy to lay her magic upon. Illustrating images of vibing, smoking, and ultimately falling into the dynamism of someone that you’re feeling, we are swept away in this elusive soundscape that taps on our minds as deeply as the reverberation emitted from Ravyyyy herself.

Ravyyyy has a captivating essence about her that has us drawn into her warm embrace. Opening up a vulnerable sector within her to share pieces of herself with the listener, Ravyyyy has us mesmerized by her talents. She has been working away on her debut EP to be released in 2021, and all we want to know is; when is the release date?! Through the openness she puts forth, we’re ready for anything and everything Ravyyyy has to offer up.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Ravyyyy, it’s always a great time when we get to chat with you about your work. Congrats on a successful 2020. How have you managed to stay inspired in your craft this year?

Thank you so much! I’ve managed to stay inspired because of the people that I surrounded myself with and always trying to set small goals so that I always stay busy. Even if it’s the smallest things. My family has also kept me inspired tremendously by being away from home. It’s hard but they make everything worth it.

You have been steadily releasing content for your listeners and for that, we thank you! Out of all of your releases, do you happen to have a specific one that resonates with you more than the others?

OYO-( on my SoundCloud) is probably one of my fav songs. It’s hard for me to be vulnerable but that’s why I love music. I’m allowed to be just that. It’s about one of my relationships and the words still resonate with me to this day.

What is the proudest moment in your career to this date?

My proudest moment in 2021 was being able to complete a record and put two songs in one dope visual along with it. The hard work paid off with the views. It made me feel like I could really do anything I put my mind to.

You’re gearing up to release an EP in 2021! What can you tell us about this forthcoming release?

Yes, I do plan on releasing an EP and I can’t wait to share it with the world. This EP will be different because every song has a different vibe and my sound doesn’t sound the same. I chose these particular songs purposely because I want to see what sound listeners will flock to the most.

How have you found yourself developing as an artist from the beginning of this year to now?

Compared to the beginning of the year to now my work ethic and my desire for music to grow more and more every day. It’s time. I find myself using my time more wisely.

As a creative, everyone has a different process for building their creations. Could you please take us into what your creative process looks like?

My creative process is pretty simple. I let the beat tell me how I feel and then I start writing. I’m a writer so I need to visually see what I’m saying to understand it & then sing it. I also like to work and collab with other songwriters. I believe that generates better ideas!

What words of wisdom would you like to leave your listeners with to end off 2020?

My listeners (especially women) need to know that they only need themselves. You are enough. You are beautiful and go after everything you want. DREAM bigger because if you can envision it you can literally make anything happen. Leave the boys alone. Once they show you who they are believe them. Stop wasting time. My music will one day empower women all around the world to be their authentic selves unapologetically.