Reminisce Distant "Memories" With Viktoria Vera's Emotional Single

From Poland to Los Angeles, the R&B/Soul Singer/Songwriter Viktoria Vera drops a powerful and deep tune with, "Memories."

Noting that the song surrounds themes of unwanted memories and moving past dark times, Viktoria Vera also mentioned that the experience of lost love allows for opportunities of growth. 

Fueling her music with Afro-American and R&B culture, it's without a doubt that Viktoria Vera's music will gently soothe your soul, which is precisely what her single "Memories" does. Not to mention delivering this intense and emotional storyline with her lyrics of longing to reconnect with someone, Viktoria Vera has genuinely impressed us with her delicate lyricism and passionate delivery. 

While "Memories" begins with melodic keys and a mellow mid-tempo beat, the vibe swiftly shifts into this bright and inviting R&B/neo-soul atmosphere with Viktoria Vera's angelic vocals. The deep hip-hop drum patterns give the track this modern flair while the rest of the production remains somewhat nostalgic and 90s-esque.

What makes the song out of this world is Viktoria Vera's vulnerable and vastly passionate lyricism, as she wishes for another chance with someone her heart desires while keeping the listener's ears peeled to her compelling story. 

We can all find a piece of ourselves within Viktoria Vera's single "Memories," all while she gives the listener boundless inspiration to keep fighting for what they desire. 

Hello Viktoria and welcome to BuzzMusicc. Your single "Memories" tells a rather vulnerable and relatable story. Did you find it challenging to create and release something so personal to you, or are you familiar with this sense of vulnerability?

I have always aspired to have a deep and open heart for my music and my listeners. As my lyrics are personal and tell the story about my own experiences, I am a pretty sensitive kind of person and I truly believe that being honest and open for your listeners from your first single is really important in building your own unique way of expressing yourself.

Seeing as you're known to blend nostalgic R&B/soul with modern trap/hip-hop elements, how did you go about merging these two sounds within your single "Memories?" What was the production process like?

Listening to a lot of hip hop and RnB music when I was growing up in Poland helped nurture my love with experimenting and mixing genres together. I fell in love with old school RnB sounds when I was 14 years old listening to Destinys Child, Angie Stone, Lauryn Hill, and after that I knew their music was hitting my true artistic soul. These days I am trying to create new modern sounds while wanting the beat to sound more based in an RnB old school style. The key is to be open to new ideas. During the beat creating process I am trying new modern sounds as well as my old school preferences.

We've heard that you've been performing since the age of 15. Over the years, how have you tweaked your live performances to be as engaging and entertaining as possible?

Over the years, I have become more selective with the spaces I pair with my musical performances.  The listening environment is important to me.  I like the stripped-down intimate setting of shows like SOFAR.  I got used to singing to big audiences in church. I used to perform in my town and Cracow in music culture centers, cinemas, and theaters. Now I am focusing on building my own fanbase for people who identify with my lyric and vibe.

Since moving from Poland to the United States, have you noticed many differences between music scenes, and has your music evolved to reflect these experiences?

Definitely, it is such a big difference for me in many ways. I have always wanted to be inspired and experienced living in a country with people from various cultures. In Poland, I was not able to find a chance to work with as many talented artists from other countries like here in the USA, that is so exciting and kept me constantly inspired.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

The whole situation with isolation, thinking about all of the people who are struggling with solitude right now. My family keeps me inspired in so many ways because it is hard to not see them for so long. Thoughts about all of these people who are separated from their loved ones right now are telling me that I should put those feelings into my music.  Now is a great chance for musicians to build their sound and share their stories.  As we have more time to ourselves, artists have the opportunity to create something special these days.