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Renowned Songwriter Pete Francis Releases “Can’t Get On With It”

Photo credit: Shervin Lainez

Pete Francis, a renowned songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, has just released his latest single, "Can't Get On With It," addressing his struggles with life's bindings. Francis has been in the music industry for quite some time, having been a founding member of the alternative roots band, Dispatch, which rose to fame in the late 90s. However, his departure from the band was necessary to prioritize his health and well-being. Francis' new album marks his first full-length release since his departure from the band.

In "Can't Get On With It," Francis demonstrates his growth and transcendence, transforming his doubts and pains into an unflinching glimpse of his subconscious. He conveys intense rawness and vulnerability in the writing, and the arrangements are cathartic, encapsulating deeply personal reflections inside layers of dreamy vocal and instrumental tones.

"Can't Get On With It" opens with piercing feedback, and the track is a mix of hope and despair, grappling with the guilt and frustration that comes with feeling stuck, wondering whether it is possible to make it through life on our own. In contrast, the hypnotic title track ponders whether abstraction can lead to revelation.

Francis explores a world of improvised abstraction, and his lyrics are a testament to the power of introspection, offering us resolve, even if everything seems broken. Francis reflects on the difficulties he's faced in his life and how he's struggled to find meaning and purpose. He sings about feeling lost and disconnected from the world around him and the frustration that comes with being unable to move forward. Despite these challenges, the song also contains a sense of hope and resilience, with tones of perseverance.

"Can't Get On With It" is a song that showcases the growth and transcendence of Pete Francis as he confronts his demons head-on. The track is a testament to the power of love and the art of healing. Francis invites his listeners to feel less fearful and isolated by constructively sharing his experiences.

"Can't Get On With It" is a must-listen for anyone seeking an honest, raw, and vulnerable musical experience. Check this one out. Available everywhere.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Pete Francis! Cheers to letting it all out on your latest release, "Can't Get On With It" in which you sing about feeling stuck in a rut and not being able to move forward. What inspired you to write this song, and how do you typically work through creative blocks in your songwriting process?

I wanted to marinate in the feeling of being stuck in writing “Can’t Get On With It.” What is being stuck all about? We've all been stuck at some point in our lives. This song celebrates the commiseration, the community of all of us feeling stuck sometimes. I get it - It's more gratifying to say, "I'm finally free" or “I've broken through the chains." but what about when you are honestly frozen? I feel that within that space, something exciting is about to happen - a chain reaction of sorts.

The lyrics of "Can't Get On With It" suggest a sense of frustration and disillusionment with the world around you. How do you maintain hope and optimism in the face of adversity, both in your personal life and society?

I feel life and my work is about discovery; there is always something to learn. One of my favourite quotes is from the Dalai Lama: true change is within; leave the outside as it is. I wake up every morning and grab my guitar. I write down words and phrases, half-written poems on old receipts. I tune in to inspiration everywhere I can.

The instrumentation in "Can't Get On With It" has a soulful feel that complements the introspective lyrics. Can you talk about your musical influences and how they have shaped your sound?

For me, music is like a sonic ocean. I want to sail the sound waves forever, searching for all the frequencies that tickle the soul. Funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, music from around the world... I can't get enough. I have a deep love for Miles Davis and Van Morrison. They are kings, for sure. Miles' music was so original; his sound was both masculine and feminine - he was a sorcerer. And Van is Irish. The Irish have given us Yeats and Joyce. These bards have control and mastery over the English language. The poetry in Van Morrison's song, "Into the Mystic," and the sublime music accompanying those words is why I chose to become a poet and songwriter. Miles and Van's work is timeless and is medicine for the soul. I'm drawn first to the passion and conviction of a composer, writer, and musician: all the great songwriters, poets, and composers. I want to close my ear to the speaker and dig into all the beautiful music.

Your vocal performance in "Can't Get On With It" is particularly emotive, conveying a sense of raw vulnerability and honesty. How do you connect with your lyrics personally, and what role does authenticity play in your artistic expression?

I try not to be too careful when putting down my musical and lyrical ideas. I don't want to make every last note perfect or every word sensical. The form is very important, but within the structure, something must be living, so the music is evocative and true.

Your music has evolved from your early days with Dispatch to your solo work. How do you see your sound continuing to evolve in the future?

I hope to collaborate with more artists and musicians. I love the spark when I jam with someone who shares the spirit of sound. It's so exciting; it's magic. I feel we are here on earth to try and create beauty. It aligns us with our natural state of being. I hope to be part of that energy that inspires and heals.

Photo credit: Shervin Lainez


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