Representing Brookyln, NY, IAMPOPULA Releases New Hit "YKTB"

IAMPOPULA hails from Brooklyn, NY, and is heavily focused on his creative outflow. As a Hip/Hop and Rap artist, IAMPOPULA is extending out the music category with his persistent style and projected character. Staying true to his original roots, IAMPOPULA derives inspiration from his own hometown to manifest the content and visuals of his music. As a Brooklyn-native, IAMPOPULA pushes to get certain messages across to his listeners, all while bringing a chilled-out and lax sort of energy.

IAMPOPULA recently released his single "YKTB: You Know the Vibes," and it's proving itself to be a hot track necessary for establishing a flavourful ambiance. IAMPOPULA cleverly uses his music's technological aspect to his advantage to bring an almost otherworldly effect on his sound. "YKTB" carries riveting energy and confidence from IAMPOPULA, making it easier for us to vibe along to the Brooklyn artist's work. IAMPOPULA has a lot to say about his daily life within "YKTB," and the track itself is incredibly entertaining to listen to, primarily if focusing on the clever wordplay IAMPOPULA brings about. That's really what makes IAMPOPULA stand out within his tracks--the natural flow is always there, but it's the cleverness of IAMPOPULA that highlights itself throughout his tracks. All in all, the actual environment presented within "YKTB" will ironically have you knowing what IAMPOPULA is talking about.

Check out "YKTB" by IAMPOPULA here.