Representing Versatility in the Raw From Hip Hop Artist, Undead Papi

Updated: Feb 12

Undead Papi is from a small town but has big-city dreams and tremendous talent to match! Undead Papi has separated himself from the crowd by broadcasting his unorthodox style and immense creativity throughout his tracks. Undead Papi often experiments with different sounds and fusion of genres. Undead Papi has branched out to appear on many different songs. Despite being widely recognized in the underground scene for combining both metal and rap, Undead Papi doesn’t keep his music one-dimensional!

It's safe to saw can say that he’s anything but ordinary. His music is highly versatile and individualistic. From the smooth catchy song like “Death Is Near” to the distortion and eerily atmospheric hit “Break”, it’s clear the listeners have a variety of vibes to catch! His widely diverse sound can be a result of the fact that growing up, Undead Papi has listened to so many different genres that have contributed to the many attributes of different music in his style. Whether it be intense guitar riffs with raging vocals, chilled Trap tunes, fast flows, or melodic singing, Undead Papi shows off his versatility throughout his tracks, making himself much more appealing to any kind of listener.

Listen to Undead Papi here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Undead Papi! Tell us about your stage name. What’s the story and meaning behind it?

That’s a great question, I’m glad you asked! My name has multiple interpretations, but the concept remains similar through-out most.

I describe “Undead” as neither being alive nor dead. One can be lively physically yet deceased mentally, or vice versa, one could be disabled or damaged physically, yet be in good spirit mentally. 

Life is merciless for a lot of people. I have been and will always be damaged, but my intention has always been to embrace the negative. A lot of people, including myself, get to a point of no return and lose themselves in the struggle, but I think that the struggle is intended to make us find ourselves instead, and eventually get to a point where we’re content in our own skin.

“Papi” Is the part of my stage name that tends to be frequently misunderstood. I wanted it to be perceived as in the context of “Father” because that’s the literal translation. People always interpret it to be some sort of sexual thing, but that really wasn't my intention, and in all honesty, I should have just chose to go with “Father” to begin with. 

I see myself almost like a parent to my supporters. I want to be the one to guide them onto the right path in yet I never would wish to control them. I feel like the “no filter” aspect of myself and my image makes it easier for people to relate and not worry about being different. Everything I express is so raw, and that's such a rare quality to find, especially right now. Everybody is so worried about what other people think and let society pressure them and take control of their whole life, and in most cases are completely unaware of the fact they are being molded into someone with no individuality.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your career as an upcoming artist and in what ways do you manage to overcome the obstacle?

There are so many challenges within my career, but I have to say the strive for a larger impact is always a personal challenge for me.

I’ve had my Instagram accounts banned and have had to start from scratch 3 times. My first got banned at 16k followers, My second at 12k, and now I’m at square one trying to take it to a whole different level. I seem to have frequent storms of bad luck with major setbacks, but its too late for me to quit now. 

It's becoming harder and harder to grow as an artists because of the overpopulation of musicians in recent years. Everybody wants to pursue music and it makes it really hard when you have a never ending struggle to get your name out. With that being said, my music isn’t anything alike the common commercial music that you will hear on the radio stations, my music is super experimental and is very different from what most people are used to. My versatility is hard to match though, and my ability to go from melodic singing to rapping to intense metal vocals, or whatever it may be is greatly overlooked and underestimated.

I plan to keep striving to be a better artist and to continue putting myself out there and build a bigger audience. Unlike most artists, I put Impact above everything. No amount of money can compare to impact. You can be the richest man in the word and be almost completely unknown without a single thing to offer to the people and this world as a whole.

To me, a voice that has influence is worth so much more than a lavish lifestyle filled with luxuries.

Which has been the most monumental song of 2019 for you and why Undead Papi? To be honest, it would be really hard for me to choose just one. I’d say top 3 would probably be “R6B Z6MBIE” , “WARLORD” & “Hold On By a Thread”.

“Hold On By a Thread” is very significant when it comes to understanding me as an artist. A lot of people know me as this eerie guy that posts up on social media with a bunch of insane weapons like some sort of monster out of a horror movie; Although that would be an accurate evaluation at first sight, It’s not all I want to be known as. There’s a story behind what I’ve grown to become. I was prey before I was the predator. I was vulnerable before I was menacing. I don’t want to lose sight of that, I want people to know that the strongest people were once weak. I was a coward long before I was relentless, so theres hope for everyone.

“R6B Z6MBIE” is a perfect representation of my growth as an artist. The energy within the song is unmatchable. You hear a titan behind the intense screams through-out the track, the rage could never be more evident. The adlibs mostly consisted of deathcore vocals which was something very different and hasn’t really been done before.

“WARLORD” with Sosmula from City Morgue is another song that has shown my growth as an artist. The insane instrumental and extreme flow really sets the bar high when thinking of future songs. It’s the perfect balance of Metal and Rap for newer listeners because it’s intense but doesn't quite fit in the same category I would put songs like R6B Z6MBIE in.

How would you describe your songwriting approach to your song “Break”?

“Break” is an older track of mine, and it was released on my previous soundcloud before it was uploaded to all other platforms. I went about the track in a very straight-forward blunt mindset when it came to writing the song.

I have dealt with a lot of betrayal through-out my life, especially from loved ones that I would have never expected it from. Trust issues had always been a significant factor in my personality but around the time of writing “Break” it had almost consumed me. I just poured out what was inside me into the song. The eerie vibe really gives the listener an idea of what it’s like in my head, and I think that quality of the song is very important for those trying to understand me further.

Did you experiment with any new elements in “Death Is Near”?

“Death Is Near” was the first song I had ever sang on. I previously had Rap songs and Experimental Metal songs but never stepped out of those two genres. I was very unsure about the idea of singing but I always wanted to have songs that were melodic. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and said “F*ck it.. Whatever happens, happens” and to my surprise, Death is Near became one of my most successful songs. Currently, it has more streams than any of my other tracks on Spotify (180k streams as of Dec 2019)

What’s next for you Undead Papi?

Hopefully something great like some sort of significant growth or unique opportunities coming my way. I’m working on tons of new stuff, 2020 will be full of projects. I’m a stubborn bastard and this war isn't even close to being over. The fight continues!