Rice Plays for Keeps With "No Brady (feat. J Muzique)"

Believing in something not only takes the initiative to act but the ability to manifest the reality of its tangibility and Hip-hop artist Rice embodies this energy while in pursuit of creating his reality as a recording artist.

Proudly representing Worcester County, Rice set forth the goal to create a distinct sound that uniquely identifies who he is. Since the release of his debut single, he has been gradually establishing a core fan base driven by his simple pop hooks and simplistic rhyme scheme.

In the beguiling soundscape of Rice’s most recent single, “No Brady,” we feast upon the intricate instrumentation that implements a bounce in the way you sway as you turn the volume up, and get lost in the pulsating bassline that sends this track into overdrive.

Enlisting the skill set of rapper J Muzique, the two form a heavy-weight collaboration that redefines a seamless blend of cool, calm, and collected, while fusing it with pure wit. We have to admit that the mesmerizing lyrical motif that makes itself known in the chorus, ‘She gon’ throw it back, No Brady,’ has us eager to learn each word of “No Brady,” as we attempt to embody the liberated ease that the dynamic duo exemplifies. Rice exudes an exclusive flair in his lyrical dexterity that makes his verses land with an impact, all while J Muzique’s darker tonal distinction inserts a supplementary layer of texture to the composition.

There’s an extreme likeability that oozes from the charisma they radiate, where you’re immediately drawn towards the unapologetic persona flaunted as if it’s going out of style. Remaining authentic to himself as he overflows with an inimitable swagger, Rice recruits J Muzique to match his supreme energy, and this duo knocks it out of the park with “No Brady.”

Congratulations on the release of “No Brady.” This collaboration between yourself and J Muzique is mesmerizing. What was it like working with one another to bring your vision to the next level?

The Energy in the studio between J_Muzique and I is fire. This song was produced at the Atlanta Record Factory by Sinatra Sauce and I can say right away that Sauce’s energy and critiques definitely contributed to the process. I think because J_Muzique and I have worked together before everything comes together because J_Muzque wrote his verse on our way to the studio. I had just come off a long bus ride and we went straight from the show to the studio so it was a long day but that song definitely gave us our second wind.

In your own words, what is the meaning laced into the lyrics of “No Brady”? What are you hoping that your fan base can take away from the themes expressed?

I honestly want my audience to listen to have fun and just enjoy the song. After they have just danced twerked or vibes then chill and listen to the references and really think about what these references may have in common. I hope everyone will take away something different at different times and so I hope my fans get what they need every time they listen. My music has a message of strength even when you’re the only one that can see your vision. I believe this song is in keeping with a message of never giving up?

We love how you ensure to embody all trademarks of a signature hit while taking classic nods to old-school Hip-hop and implementing them with a new wave sound. Who are your musical influences that continue to speak into the way that you create?

Old School rappers such as Tupac, Easy E, RZA Jay-Z because of the obvious barriers and doors that they opened but also because of the authenticity of their lyrics. I like Kendrick Lamar’s and his ability to put a pop slant on his songs. As independent artist have to be grateful to everyone who came before us and continues to open doors for an artist to be independent.

How does “No Brady,” shape what we can expect to hear from you in terms of musical releases?

The quality of the production and my continued and consistent growth as an artist is something you can always expect. No Brady is a single off my “Riding With Blindfolds “EP which is Hip-hop/ and Rap however I want to give my listeners something different so my next single will be off my EP “ Love Shouldn't Cost A Thing “ which is more of a singer-songwriter with a splash into another genre. You have to stay tuned for upcoming events because you’ll definitely hear some new music coming as well as the single off of Love Shouldn’t Cost A Thing if you tune in to my social media.