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Rick Christian Drops A "Contagious" New Single

From Edmonton, Alberta, singer-songwriter, producer, and electronic/alternative recording artist Rick Christian invites us into his darkest nightmares with a transcendent new single, "Contagious."

You never know what you're gonna get with Rick Christian; his sound soars through the realm of electronic music, leaning towards dark dance with a passionate and piercing alternative edge. The Edmonton-based producer takes incredible pride in his time-consuming creative processes, and this latest single perfectly showcases the sonic depths he's willing to explore.

Now releasing the vibrant and thematically combative single, "Contagious," Rick Christian takes us on a sonic journey through the deepness and darkness of high-energy electronic paired with his emotive and rugged vocals. The combative energy kicks in when Christian begins vocalizing the volatile imbalances of relationships and the malicious energy they can produce.

Hitting play on "Contagious," the track bursts our speakers with a heavy dark synth arrangement that's oozing in groove and energy. Alongside a hefty kick drum and the fierce snares, Rick Christian pours his angst into the song with his raw and raspy vocal appearance that adds a vicious edge—lifting the energy and power to a high.

What's interesting is how Rick Christian sings such a real and tragically true message while his production zooms us through spiraling celestials with its chilling melodies and otherwordly feel. Rick Christian pumps up the party towards the outro and leaves us tapping our toes to the high-energy beat, perfectly ending that aggressive yet captivating escapade we'd happily experience again.

Expect the unexpected when taking a listen to Rick Christian's expressive and fiery new single. Find "Contagious" on all digital streaming platforms.

You left us gobsmacked by the energy and exhilarating sonic atmosphere of your latest single, "Contagious." What inspired your honest and emotional lyrical content?

My 2021 album “The New Normal” was a pandemic concept piece. It left mystery and questions about me from the listeners. I decided that I was going to write and release personal and honest singles eventually leading up to an album. I drew heavily from my personal relationships. At moments I feel exposed by the process. Any relationship can be volatile and what you put upon others is certainly contagious and malicious.

Speaking of your lyrics in "Contagious," what was your songwriting process like? Did you find it easy to finally have an outlet to unleash those negative thoughts?

Going into the songwriting process I already knew what the song was about. I’ve always had music as an outlet for emotions and thoughts. The most challenging part was creating two extreme, metaphorical, and exaggerated verses. Having the chorus deliver my reality and honesty in harmony with a modified truth took some thought.

Seeing that "Contagious" offers some darker lyrical themes, what sort of experience did you want production to deliver? How did you want the production to feel?

I think I got it pretty close. I always want the listeners to experience something rich, full, and sonic. I want the listener to join the dark and painful journey. My intention was to use some industrial elements to incite those emotions. The chorus had to be so catchy that it was addicting.

You've mentioned that making "Contagious" was the most evolved production you've ever created. What inspired you to reach outside of your comfort zone and try new production techniques with this song?

I seek to make every new release better than the previous. I’m never satisfied until I feel the production and final result is evolved and I’ve grown in my abilities. I knew this song could be amazing and needed unique qualities. I painfully decided I was going to record, blend and mix more tracks than I’ve attempted previously. The production side of this song has been the most time-consuming of any song I have ever worked on.

What's next for you?

My plan is to release a few more singles/music videos and eventually the next album. I’m working on making this year more involved with live shows.



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