Ricky T From The Chiller Gang Released Hit Record “Throne”

Chiller Gang is a music group who consists of the six members; Ricky T, Chiller Rob, Lil Young Stunna L, Dayvid Gee, MC Jeaze & IAM L.E.O. With the release of their first EP “Chiller Season” back in 2016 Chiller Gang have continued to create music vastly improving their musical ability throughout the years. Coming out of the Bay Area Chiller gang have continued to drop music on soundcloud and made their debut onto Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming platforms with one of the members Chiller Rob dropping his project “Robichino” back in October 5th of 2018. Although from the Bay Area which is known for the hyphy movement dating back to the late 90’s/ early 2000’s Chiller Gang incorporate the Bay Area style while sticking to their own sound as well. With themes regarding poverty, equality and the daily struggles of low income families, Chiller Gang is a group whose ready to break down their barriers.

Ricky T from Chiller Gang released his new song, “Throne” and shows us the definition of hip-hop. Keeping it real, keeping it raw, and keeping it bonafide chiller, Ricky T gives a real lyrical story through his music with a super dope projection and a natural delivery. In my opinion, knowing hip-hop is made up of a diverse fan-base, however the audience most of the time are those from an urban upbringing, Ricky T is able to click, and connect with those with a relatable story as him. This makes him more real than anything. He tells you who he is through his music, and gives you more insight on his background, upbringing, and what he’s made up. It’s all around compelling. I personally love listening to these kinds of songs from rappers like him. No fear of judgement, he gives you the true blueprint on how to be a rapper with a motive. You feel the passion and honesty through the music, and lyrics. Chiller Gang might be the next biggest rap collective to hit our way!

Listen to "Throne" here and get to know more about Chiller Gang below!

Can you tell our readers about Chiller Gang? 

The whole meaning behind chiller gang is that we are young individual people of color trying to push positive vibes with our own sound. We input bay sounds & styles in our songs because we are heavily influenced by Bay Area rappers. We have a lot of legends in our area so it’s hard not to be influenced by them, but at the same time we creating a new style of bay music. Chiller gang, is how you view yourself, how you ca