Riley Camryn Releases Gorgeous Country Hit “Soaring High”

Riley Camryn released her new single titled “Soaring High”, a melodically driven song that will serenade you into relaxation. “Soaring High” begins with a gorgeous introduction of the acoustic guitar that demonstrates a beautiful mellifluous atmosphere early on in the record. Riley Camryn begins singing with her soft vocal tone and rich in texture quality. Riley Camryn prepares us for her passionate vocal delivery in the hook which showed us her ability as a vocalist to take her range into big belts and piercing high notes that remain on key and flows effortlessly with the up-tempo acoustic rhythm.

“Soaring High” was the perfect all-American song with a beautifully conveyed lyrical depiction. When watching the video Riley Camryn released alongside the song you will see the theatrical passion that Riley Camryn demonstrates in her musicality. Although it’s obvious to see she’s playing the role that she sings about in her song, the body dialect, and emotion in her face is so raw it makes the visual overall authentic. Riley Camryn is the reason why music feels good. She makes songs that are emotionally compelling and she exhibits true passion behind her storytelling lyricism. She’s an artist that the people will love and can connect with! Her music like “Soaring High” is a song that’s relatable and captivating and this makes her a star in all forms!

Listen to “Soaring High” by Riley Camryn below!