Riley Lynch Conveys Both Emotion and Power in New Single "Alone"

Riley Lynch is an artist who aims for self-empowerment and emotional energy with every song. His style has a catharsis at its roots and comes in the form of unapologetic Dark Pop. His latest release "Alone" is an incredibly emotional experience that takes you by the soul. This record features an enchanting honest vocal performance, a dreamy felted piano, ethereal guitar textures, and hard-hitting dynamic drums.

"Alone" begins with its memorable piano riff, and then enter Riley's enchanting vocals telling an emotional story. At the first chorus, the drums begin getting teased and build energy leading to a perfect transition into the second verse where the drums start to explode. At the second chorus, the song takes you by surprise and introduces an incredible ethereal guitar texture that perfectly compliments the vocal. The vocals in "Alone" are the true highlight; they start off being more tame and raw but with a reverb that swims around you, and then the vocal slowly transforms with intricate vocoder-like textures that elevate the emotional performance. Every word being sung has the perfect amount of emotion to it. This is an incredible release that has both organic and modern flair to it that you would definitely regret missing.

Listen to "Alone" here.