Rio Westside Brings Us The Smooth Rap Hit, “Rec0very”

Rio Westside is the 23 year old artist and producer from the Bay Area of California who transcends genres from rap to alternative. His influences includes Earl Sweatshirt, Schoolboy Q, and The Weeknd.

Rio Westside released his single titled “Rec0very” and this was an interesting song with a sound that’s unfamiliar to what you’re used too. The autotune was nicely and smoothly inputted into the song with a textured style. The production of the beat was a fusion of both lo-fi and old school rap with a new school flare! The contemporary swag on the production helped the song feel more mainstream. “Rec0very” could undeniably compete with the best of the best. Not many songs know how to show much versatility and personality within one track. However, for Rio Westside, despite his impeccable delivery, “Rec0very” felt like a compound song with a multitude of different vibes you can catch. “Rec0very” is great for the summer, and many people will find themselves thoroughly enjoying this!

Listen to “Rec0very” here and get to know more about Rio Westside below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Rio Westside! The bay area has been known for it’s hyphy rap scene. In what ways has your growing environment impacted your style?

RW: Well growing up in the Bay, the Hyphy sound was always prevalent and still is today. It definitely shaped my perspective of a hit song and I continue to evolve with music with that as my fundamental approach.

How would you describe your music? What’s the main goal you hope to attain with your career?

RW: To describe my music is just a versatile style with gritty lyrics and great melodies. The main goal I hope to attain is to one day be at the Grammys, if not I’ll still make music that inspires and moves people. Also want to write for other artists as well, the pen game is mighty on this side.

“Rec0very” was a nice hit! What was the meaning behind this song?

RW: Rec0very was just a song about losing love but being okay with it after all the adversity. It’s also about being  content with the stagnation that hits your life and knowing there’s a brighter future. Other than that I just wanted something people could dance and vibe out to. 

What was the most challenging aspect for you as an artist in creating “Rec0very”?

RW: The most challenging aspect was singing the verse how I did. There was gin involved, and it’s funny because I rather rap than to sing, but with gin it’s a little different. I did so many takes to try and perfect my drunken singing and finally got it down after like 45 min.

What’s next for you Rio Westside?

RW: Doing more shows and dropping projects. Me and the producer NoLyrix have an album dropping Fall 2019 so that's the main thing. Also writing and producing an EP and songs for other artists as well in California. Looking to blow up in due time, and looking forward to getting getting my Bachelor’s Degree as well.


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