Rising Pop Star Luke Reyvn Teams Up With Lil Xxel On Their Latest Single, “White Lies”

Cutting a striking first impression, Luke Reyvn turns heads with his unique image, painted black nails, piercing, ripped jeans, black leather, and distressed glam stylings. His triumphant story began when he took a leap of faith and moved to LA on the 1st of January 2022 to chase his pop-star dreams.

Growing up in Hawaii, Reyvn immersed himself in artistic expression, aligning with Post Malone and Ed Sheeran with how they're pushing boundaries with no fear of making big personal statements. To date, Revyn has released a steady stream of ultra-catchy, emotive singles, seeding a path to his whole album coming this 2022. But, first, we'll be reviewing his latest release, "White Lies" featuring the melodic Lil Xxel.

Revyn's records are a dizzying swirl of pop, hip-hop, EDM, R&B, punk, alternative, and indie, frothing over with energy and authenticity. Revyn proves that theory with his latest release, "White Lies." Revyn opens this record up with such an energetic feeling and emotion, speaking about the heartache that his ex caused him. He needs white lies from her to keep believing that things between them are okay.

Lines like "Tell me if the love is dead or alive" and "You played me every day behind my back," show how confused and foggy his thought process was in the heat of their fallouts. Revyn brings that raw emotion through the track on top of a hyper beat, keeping you bouncing and vibing throughout the record. The perfect match makes for a great bridge into Lil Xxel's verse, which comes towards the middle of the track.

Both artists drawing inspiration from their deepest emotions bring out the best for the overall collaboration. Lil Xxel sings/raps about how he'd rather drown than be sober and deal with all of his baggage and how they left scars that couldn't be wiped away. Luke Revyn's catchy and melodic hook slams this record home, having you in a vibe while still being 'in your feelings.'

Wlcome to BuzzMusic Luke Reyvn, and congratulations on your latest release "White Lies." Where did the inspiration for this project come from? The inspiration for this track was primarily to make high energy easy to listen to summer smash! However, in very Luke Reyvn fashion, I wanted the lyrics to be thought-provoking. I had been sitting on the idea of toxic love for a while. Like everyone I’ve had my fair share of toxic relationships which led to me creating this push-and-pull story of loving someone that’s wronged you or just isn’t good for you. The hyper-pop energy on "White Lies" is perfectly executed; explain your thought process around featuring an artist and how you finally knew that Lil Xxel was the perfect fit for the role? The collaboration with Xxel was just one of those things that happened naturally. I had posted an open verse challenge for the song which initially was just to engage and interact with my supporters on a more creative spectrum. I was so surprised when I checked my phone and saw that Xxel had participated in the challenge. After the first listen I knew I wanted him to be on the song so we connected through social media and just immediately got to work in order to bring this project to life! As a versatile artist with many styles to offer the listener, how did you choose this genre and approach for your new release, "White Lies?" Honestly, this wasn’t my first time dabbling in this genre however I had already been releasing a lot of rock-influenced tracks and had this thought process of being scared that my supporters would be upset if I were to make songs in different genres. However, after hearing the finished track, and of course Xxels verse I knew that I loved the song and had to take the risk. The song has gotten nothing but positive feedback from my supporters and has even allowed me to connect with a lot of new ones! What's the message you're delivering in "White Lies?" The message is simple. Sometimes in life the things you think you want the most may not always be what you need. What's next for you?

I’ve got a lot of unreleased music and surprise collaborations which I’m gonna be dropping as singles leading up to my debut album at the end of the year as well as correlating music videos and social media content! I’m also extremely excited to start performing live for my LA supporters and look forward to extending that reach across the world!

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