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RIZZZ 4 SoulElementzSoundz Is Representing Originality With Their Release, “The Charge”

Rizzz 4 Soulelementzsoundz is an independent creative audio technician out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their recent release “Ipodz n Angelz” was spearheaded by the warm reception from 1 of their tracks, “The Charge”.

So of course, we had to take a listen for ourselves and see if it matches up to the hype! As the song plays, we quickly find that “The Charge” presents a unique sense of unpredictability. You don’t know what’s next, nor do you know how to correctly categorize this! It’s one of those records that doesn’t fit into any other genre but its own. It creates its own lane for itself, and still manages to keep a consistent race with other mainstream music. “The Charge” is a very special song that you will find yourself in love with regardless of the type of genre you prefer to listen! It’s a multi-faceted hit that’s equipped with a multitude of dimensions that takes a little from everything. You will find your elements of rock. You will find your soul from R&B. your lyrical wordplay from rap, and more. All comprised in this intricate and detailed song. “The Charge” deserves every bit of recognition it gets! This sustainable song is unforgettable and will surely strike you as magnetic!

Check out "The Charge" here!


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