RMusik, the New All in One App That Every Songwriter Needs to Discover

RMusik is a new all in one app that allows songwriters to collaboratively write music on the go without having to worry about the technicalities. The app allows you to record music ideas directly onto a virtual project file where you can then add notes, punch in new lines, edit takes, invite other collaborators from your address book, type lyrics, undo takes, and communicate with project members from within the app. The best part about RMusik is how easy it allows for songwriters to create music when up and about their lives, after loading in a backing track to the project you can then instantly begin recording and writing ideas.

After sitting down and trying out the app it was quickly realized how useful this is, the automatic logs of who wrote what and when with undo's is an essential tool that allows for anyone in the project to create ideas while being able to revert back to older ideas. It was incredibly cool to see take editing and listening from any member directly from within the app instead of having to load files into a DAW or perform a new take from scratch. There is also an optional adaptor that allows for any instrument to be recorded onto the app, anything from voice to guitar to drums. It was clear how the designers were aiming for ease of use and practicality during the design of the features and the user interface of RMusik; from the one-click sharing, notepad visibility while recording, easy swipe right for rhyming options, and simple ease of use; this is an app that all songwriters will benefit from.

Check out RMusik on your App Store and their website here.

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