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Rno Gudah Kills It With His Remix Of A Popular Hit! “Impatient Remix”

Born and raised from the “hyphy” bay areas of Oakland and Sacramento California, Rno Gudah is bringing “good music” back to our ears! He released his single “Impatient Remix” with an introduction giving a shout out to his friends and his city, showing his humble side he begins paying homage to the popular record “Impatient” by Jeremih.

We were instantly a fan of the song due to us personally loving the original and we were wondering how Rno would switch this record into his own personal style and he delivered! Keeping the highlighting melody of the hook up to the known falsettos, he delivers a rapid, usain-bolt like flow while remaining on beat, clocking his listeners with his bars, and sustaining note-worthy breath control. The fused together elements of hip-hop and Rno makes this a vibe many people will love! In my opinion, when people listen to an original they already love, they’re prone to wonder how the artist is going to turn the song into their own. Rno Gudah impressed us thoroughly with how he presented his unique flare and individuality to a mainstream record. We could definitely context that this specific style of music is the lane for him. He instantly brought an urge of joy on his listener and we’re assured he’s going to be the artist who brings back “feel good” music in today’s culture.

Listen to “Impatient Remix” here and get to know more about Rno Gudah

Hey, welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers about yourself and your music?

Hello my name is Rno gudah born in Oakland raised Sacramento thank you for all love 

What are some challenges you found yourself facing in remixing a popular hit?

The problem I had faced was me perfecting my own unique sound

What inspired you to pick “Impatient” to remix?

What made me do it was Drako the Ruler how he rapped. But in my own way

In your artist point of view, what’s your favorite part about the entire song as a whole?

I just really loved how the song came together especially the course

What’s next for you?

My New Mixtape out on all platforms in a day or two.


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