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Robin Gabrielle Does A Deep Dive Into Toxic Relationships, Self-Love And More In Recent Single, "X"

Robin Gabrielle has always taken on a thoughtful and genuine approach when it comes to the construction of her music. As a recording singer/songwriter, Robin Gabrielle knows the impact that her sound can have amongst listeners and hopes to spread her impact in a way that encourages her listeners to remain honest and true to themselves, their feelings, as well as their intuitions.

Robin Gabrielle's most recent musical offering came with her release of "X," a single that courses through the intricacies of vulnerability. "X" focuses on the many thoughts and feelings that Robin Gabrielle is now taking the time to process, communicate and empower others with. She admits that "X" was one of the most challenging songs she has ever written content-wise. The song captured an essence of emotions that led to a beautiful theme being unraveled by Robin Gabrielle.

On the first listen, Robin Gabrielle hopes listeners can resonate with the tone of "X," and to understand that loving one's self, especially amid difficult relationships, is the ultimate form of self-care.

If "X" had at all piqued your listening ears, then Robin Gabrielle's following tracks, set to be released sometime this month, will be the perfect holiday treat for you. Stay tuned for more details about this elaborate music artist.

Read the full BuzzMusic article on Robin Gabrielle and her song "X," here.


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