Rock Out To The Eclectic Stylings Of Powerhouse Duo, Matching Sox In “Wrote This Song”

Matching Sox is a unique 2 piece Bass and Drums pop punk duo with Sam Downey on Vocals and Bass and Jaden Galachiuk on Vocals and Drums. The idea was created when Jaden joined now defunct band Beyond Oblivion as the Drummer, a band that Sam was playing bass in at the time. Sam became very impressed with Jaden's ability to lay down a solid beat and his emphasis on heavy dynamics. After Beyond Oblivion broke up Sam reached out to Jaden about starting an experimental pop punk project that only contains vocals, distorted bass guitar and heavy drums. The dynamic duo have been busy working on their upcoming EP which is set to release in the fall 2019.

“Wrote This Song” begins with a contagious bassline and echoing vocals. As the percussion picks up, it transitions into a catchy and infectious pop tune. With undertones of alt-rock and punk, these guys explode into the music scene. Showing no signs of slowing down, “Wrote This Song” is a contagious anthem for anyone from all walks of life to enjoy. Just as the hook insists, you’ll be singing along to every word that Jaden and Sam belt out. They throw down some pummeling rhythms and tight grooves. Authentic to the core and unlike anything we have ever heard before, Matching Sox is going places. Stay tuned!

Check out “Wrote This Song” here and read more with Matching Sox below in our exclusive interview. 

Hey guys! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by telling us more about how Matching Sox came to fruition?

Hey thanks for having us on your website! Before Matching Sox was formed I (Sam) was playing in a local rock band called Beyond Oblivion. After about 3 months of playing with Beyond Oblivion Jaden joined as the drummer for the band. I was super impressed with his skills and tightness. I have always been a fan of distorted bass and bands like Royal Blood but wanted to do something different. After Beyond Oblivion broke up I reached out the Jaden about starting an experimental pop punk duo that only uses Bass Guitar and drums. He loved the idea and joined immediately!

What’s the meaning behind the stage name?

Honestly we needed a name for a school performance and we were brainstorming names and decided to try out the name for the performance and everyone after the show was like “your band name is awesome dude!” So we decided to stick with it !

We love your track “Wrote This Song”! What do you hope your listeners take away from it?

Our main goal was to write a song that would get stuck in everyone’s head. If someone is walking down the street singing along then we are happy ! I also like everyone knowing that we only used Bass Guitar and Drums for the instrumental as we wanted to create a whole new sound in punk music.

What’s your writing process like together?

Usually one of us will come up with a riff on bass and then we’ll build a song around that riff. Usually we get the instrumental done first and then start coming up with lyrics. For lyrics I usually get help from my girlfriend Steph who actually wrote the lyrics to Wrote This Song! Overall though when your just a 2 piece and not a full 4-5 member band I find you can pump out more originals in less amount of time.

Do you have any hints of tour dates or upcoming shows you’d like to talk about?

Right now we don’t have any shows because we are working on finishing up the EP. but we are hoping to have the EP out by the fall and then we are gonna schedule shows and maybe even a tour to promote it! Can’t wait to share our debut EP with everyone ! Keep an eye out for Matching Sox !


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