Rocky Paterra Intensifies Our Holiday Spirit With Christmas Pop Album "Naughty List"!

It's very likely that the contemporary pop stylings of Rocky Paterra will get you into that bright holiday mood. As a singer/songwriter based in New York City, Rocky Paterra found inspiration this holiday season to create an album dedicated to many's favorite time of the year. "Naughty List" is composed of 10 tracks, all-encompassing the various feelings and classic sounds we can expect to feel/hear over the holidays. Rocky Paterra maintains a contemporary pop sound, which is what amplifies the already present cheerful sound throughout the album. Rocky Paterra brings on a festive spirit with "Naughty List", making it almost impossible for listeners to feel grumpy while listening through the cheerful tracks! 

Christmas is only weeks away, and Rocky Paterra has been planning for his holiday album release way before winter was in our minds! A notable track off of "Naughty List" is "Start Again (New Year's Day)". The track outlines what we can expect--a perspective of starting over with New Year's Day and letting things go. Rocky Paterra attempts to fill the track with inspiration, and a fresh, positive outlook on starting over with another. That certain spark that most Christmas songs hold is truly present throughout Rocky Paterra's "Start Again (New Year's Day). He knows how to develop a heartening song that is capable of being engaging and relatable, which is used to his advantage when it comes time to connect with listeners. The holiday soundings of Rocky Paterra inspire us to feel joyful and ultimately appreciative, which is absolutely necessary to feel when celebrating Christmas!

Hum along to the holiday soundings of Rocky Paterra here.

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