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Rod Wave Is Making His Mark On The Modern Music Scene

There's a new face on the scene that's generating some profound numbers in the hip-hop/r&b realm, and he goes by the name of Rod Wave, a compelling singer-songwriter, rapper, and recording artist.

We first heard of Rod Wave through his latest single, "Cold December," and the emotional accompanying music video. Right off the bat, we could compare Wave's sound and style to some sort of lovechild between Don Toliver, Lil Durk, and Roddy Rich. That said, the sound and vibe Wave is crafting never fails to come out on top as a unique and individual force to be reckoned with.

Aside from his short film for "Cold December," Wave played the pastor in Jordon Peele's forthcoming movie "Nope," coming out in July 2022. In April, we'll also see him in the new show "Terminal List" alongside his co-star Constance played by Chris Pratt. The driven recording artist is also writing a producing show dubbed "What They Don't Know," which will make its way to Amazon Prime this year.

The Von Dutch model also starred in a Popeyes commercial and was the photographer in "King Richard" starring Will Smith, in theaters now. While waiting for Rod Wave's next moves, catch his stunning short film for "Cold December" on YouTube.

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