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Roll Up Your Sleeves And Hit The Field With Staunch Moderates "Bigfoots Football"

The Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement was born from its founders' belief that a new ideology was needed to address and combat the intellectual and political divide that has taken hold in our society over the past four years.

The movement's philosophy is rooted in addressing each other with thoughtful moderation when confronting intellectual and political differences rather than with the self-centred extremism that dominates such discourse today. The movement strives not only to close this divisive gap but also to achieve national and world peace, as they are on a mission to evaluate, negotiate, compromise and come to the most equitable conclusions and solutions as humanly possible.

Bringing our attention to the deep seeded quintessence of Staunch Moderates, their latest body of work, "Mission Peace," comes to the foreground. Immersing listeners in the principles they strive for daily, each song caters to a different theme as they unravel pieces of themselves from these musical confessions of the heart.

Tuning into the vibrant energy of "Bigfoots Football," the third song found on "Mission Peace," we're immediately in awe of the old-school hip-hop roots that Staunch Moderates continues to grow from. Prominent percussion hits mesh with bass-heavy rhythm, and the simplicity of the beat allows for such a clean foundation for the crisp vocals to be laid upon.

Such a refreshing take, as it's not something you hear much of in today's day and age of modulated vocal takes and hyped-up ad-libs. The organic nature of Staunch Moderates has us propelled to a different era where what was important was the words coming out of your mouth.

The punchy one-liners have life to them as they unfold through a storytelling premise effortlessly. On beat and carrying a prominent tenacity that boasts confidence, the lyrical talent remains playful yet bold as Staunch Moderates pushes the envelope and encompasses the energy of a sizzling guitar solo to add a little break in the rhymes.

Overall, "Bigfoots Football" keeps us on our toes. From our minds closely following along to the witty lyrics professed and our bodies jiving along to the infectious rhythm in place, Staunch Moderates has you covered.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Staunch Moderates! We're thrilled to have you here chatting about "Bigfoots Football." With such a witty approach to the storytelling lyrics you profess, what inspired the creation of this song?

First, off a taxidermy, Bigfoot channelled off of the Gas House Restaurant’s wall in Edwards, Colorado, while I was driving back in a blizzard from the 49ers vs Chiefs Super Bowl, 2020. That Bigfoot mask became the mascot for our Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement, named “Staunch.” Once we had a Bigfoot as our mascot; being both Football & Baseball fans, America’s most beloved sports & remember we are an American philosophical movement, being familiar with trademark law from my previous showbiz career, we checked to see if Bigfoots Football & Bigfoots Baseball trademarks were available for expansion or rebranding team concepts, you know living the dream! They were, so we filed for them, and we’ve found ourselves in the expansion/rebranding team business ever since. In trademark law if you don’t use it, you lose it, so we used it to the best of our ability to build brands in music, sports, news & entertainment. Casanova used his amazing poetry talent and wrote the first verse for our Bigfoots Expansion/rebranding team theme song, “The Bigfoots are Coming!” I, GTS, am a huge football fan and have been to many games. Cas & I rolled up our sleeves & wrote the many more play-by-play and stadium pomp & circumstance verses: Kickoff, 1st, 2nd, 3rd down, & touchdown in our 6 Minute Music Video Short Film. This is actually our long form. We have different renditions of these Bigfoots Football Music videos. They’re really just like a Football Game but with a team of Bigfoots on the field, where you, the audience, are the opposing team!

What has it been like working on a masterpiece like "Mission Peace"?

Wow, thanks for the accolades! We really put a lot of work into the storytelling of our tracks and make our best effort to bring them home in a unique style (not what’s the popular motivated, more historical use of the genres and what we think is cool for our sound. So we hope this hard work and our creative choices bring special value to our audience members listening. How does it feel now that it's been released to the public? It feels good that we are actually getting our music listened to and our messaging out to the public, “peace through moderation with our over 73MM Views of our Music Video & Steams of our Audio tracks, both nationally and internationally. Ninety percent of our tracks are on point philosophically with our Movement, so like I said, we are getting our messaging out there! We hope to win the hearts and souls with these Football & Baseball concepts. We’re doing what we can do to de-escalate the Divide.

What messages and emotions do you hope your audience can take away from your music?

We, as the band “DJ Staunch and the Bigfoots” and as an intellectual movement share in the philosophy to celebrate all that is good in society, love and peace, and stylize it with our hip-hop music. If we were to have our druthers, we would like to create a worldwide consciousness that would help effectuate peace. Tall order? I know, but we have to try!

How does that align with who you are as a movement? That totally aligns with our movement as described above.

What success and challenges have you seen in your career by sticking to the foundations of hip-hop?

The successes we’ve had are our 73MM Views and streams ( 22% of the U.S.), and our four ballot bids at the Grammys over the last two years for: “Best Rap Song,” Best Rap Album, Best Rock Performance, and Album of the Year. I’ve got to say, “a nomination would be great for getting our messaging out there! Other challenges include when collaborating with seasoned musicians. They understandably have a chip on their shoulder. That chip is that hip hop is significantly buying beats and then rapping to said beats. Someone like me can come in and orchestrate the parts together without being a seasoned musician. They see this low barrier to entry to their career space, something they worked years for and is so talented at. Therefore, it’s not always warm and fuzzy doing business in the studio.

What does the raw nature of this genre mean to you?

It provides an access into what I love to do to communicate the messaging of our movement and making styling music to do so.

What's next for you?

This question is best answered by this recent video:



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