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Romel Sits Breaks Down Latest Single, “Slippin”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Romel! First "Jordyn Woods" and now "Slippin," you've hit your stride! Could you take us through your creative process for "Slippin"? What kind of headspace were you in when you thought it up?

I made Slippin' in 2019! It started as a slow trap soul-style song. And then, literally, the day before I was going to record it in the studio, I found the new beat it sits on now, which completely changed the game for me. The song makes me want to be outside in the sun and near water & Palm trees with a nice drink living my best life!

What kind of music did you want to make when you first started? Is the music you make now what you imagined back then or different?

I feel like I'm making it. I've always loved contemporary R&b. But I also like different genres, but I'm always trying to mix the other genres I like with R&B.

What goals do you want to achieve through your music?

I'm looking forward to live performances! Excited to experience the music with an audience. Been a big goal of mine to perform music that the crowd knows the lyrics passionately.

For fans and listeners who might be trying to follow in your footsteps, what quality is most important for a musician?

A team! It's so important. I know a lot of the time, being an independent artist is being able to say you've done everything yourself but having people you can rely on to help have your vision come to life hits differently.

What comes after "Slippin?" Are there any upcoming performances, and can we expect to hear more new music soon?

The new EP is coming! A few more singles, but I'm so excited for this project to be out in the world! And yes, definitely Live shows coming soon!

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