Rose Bates Will Have You Daydreaming With “Young God”

If Rose Bates’ vibe was a color – it would be onyx. The London based singer and songwriter uses her music to artfully express her emotions and life experiences. She has a soft, pretty sound that she fuses with dark, alternative energy which leaves her fans wanting more of her original sound. “Young God” is Rose Bates’ first single after the release of her debut EP 'Daydreaming.' The track has already reached more listens on Spotify than her EP, proving that she’s expanding her fan base with each song she writes. Her music incorporates aspects of various genres including electropop and alternative pop.

“Young God” has a dark and mystical tone that will make listeners feel like they are in a trance. Rose Bates creates the alluring, somber energy with a background filled with vocal echos and humming. “Young God” maintains a bass drum beat with additional snippets of various percussion noises; including light taps of a snare and cymbal. The combination of music and vocals have an effect that could be compared to the likes of artist Melanie Martinez. As the cherry on top of her vocal dessert, Rose Bates gives her listeners a fantasy-like experience with her lyrics. She sings about feeling like a young god, and elaborates on what it means to her to live her life to the fullest. Her first EP was labeled correctly; fans should prepare to enter a daydream when listening to the artistry of Rose Bates.

Listen to "Young God" from Rose Bates, here.