RoseGold Brings Heavy Vibes on Her Recent Hit, "Like You Say You Do (lysyd)"

From New Orleans to Dallas, the R&B up-and-comer RoseGold keeps us locked into her sound, especially with her recent hit "Like You Say You Do (lysyd)." Painting vivid pictures with all her songs, RoseGold recently dropped her "Heart of Gold" album, which featured seven tracks to put the listener straight into their feels. 

Creating music for over a decade, RoseGold has tweaked her sound to be this intoxicating overload of vibes, especially with her track "Like You Say You Do (lysyd)." She spills her guts towards someone she loves while singing and softly rapping over an atmospheric night vibe of a beat. 

Locking us into "Like You Say You Do (lysyd)," RoseGold opens the track with her soft and melodic vocals over a sultry piano melody. The backing production drops into this down-tempo beat with transcendent and subtle synths taking the song to different sonic levels. 

Listening to RoseGold sing and rap is one of the most intriguing and inviting experiences, as she describes her true stories with vast passion and transparency. She sings a story that we've all felt before, hoping for reciprocated love and wishing for the best within your future together. RoseGold's delicate delivery creates such a surreal space for listeners to dive deep. 

We love each and every aspect of RoseGold's latest hit "Like You Say You Do (lysyd)," and we're hoping that she'll continue down this irresistible path.