Rothrigo Shares Fun and Bouncy Sound Profile on New Single "Apple Juice"

Singer-songwriter Rothrigo expresses a youthful view of growing up in his new single “Apple Juice.” By learning to write songs and play various instruments a short four years ago, Rothrigo has been able to create a unique musical style that stays current and fresh while still conforming to the classic 60’s/70’s alternative rock manner.

His songs are written from the perspective of a teenager imagining themselves in the various moments and experiences leading them to adulthood which has allowed his music to take its fun and charming shape.

Written and recorded in quarantine, the “Apple Juice” music video encompasses this 60’s/70’s style with its sepia filters and tight shirts with high waisted jeans. The video keeps listeners engaged with its ever-changing camera angles and shots. Raw recording the track being played invites immense joy and happiness as you see the unedited cheerful facial expressions of the band as they play this tune. Each section of the song and video fit perfectly to bring together classic style with a new-day flare.

Rodrigo creates a charming and fun sound in his new song and accompanying music video “Apple Juice”. Being the debut single for his new album we can not wait for the light-hearted and cheerful pieces to follow in 2021.

We love the joyful energy behind your new track and music video “Apple Juice”, what was the process of creating your music video and how did you fit your video idea and song together so perfectly?

The video was definitely very inspired by the 70s aesthetic, just like the song itself. We thought it could be interesting to show how we usually rehearse - the energy we radiate and how fun it is for us to play! I think that is why the song and video fit nicely, they both share a very playful spirit.

Who would you say is your inspiration for your music and how are you able to capture their essence while remaining unique?

I would say classic rock, in general, is my biggest inspiration, and music from the early 70s Beatles, Beatles solo careers, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Beach Boys, Todd Rundgren, Emmitt Rhodes… Somehow I recently discovered all these bands and they blew my mind, for some reason I never heard any of their songs apart from John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ while growing up. I think what works is that I attempt to rethink this very classic outlook of music into something more DIY and low-key.

Especially due to the difficulty so many artists have experienced with the lockdowns in 2020, how were you able to create your track and record such a great, fun video?

I was lucky enough to find music as a way of solace and comfort. I found myself playing and recording way too much, and I ended up with a nice collection of songs, one of them being Apple Juice! When the lockdown was over and things *seemed* to get a little better, I called up a couple of musician friends to form a band for live shows (hopefully) and we started rehearsing regularly. We thought it would be cool to invite everybody over to one of our e-rehearsals and recorded this video.

You mentioned that you learned to play various instruments and songwriting over the past four years, which instruments did you learn and how did that affect your personal sound and ability to create this track?

I first learned to play guitar, which was very very hard at first. I was completely hypnotized by it and quickly started picking up other instruments without much trepidation. The process was very slow but I think the fact that I couldn’t stop playing really helped me learn! During the lockdown, I was in a strong piano/keys phase and that is why all the songs from the album are keyboard-oriented, usually playing a Wurlitzer.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I just finished an EP in Spanish and I would love to release it before / around summer. I am also working on another album in both English and Spanish. It’s a little challenging but I’m up for it.