RYE 783 Shrugs With Emotion In New Single, "IDK"

From Toronto, Ontario, alternative r&b recording artist and singer-songwriter RYE 783 breaks down the end of a tumultuous relationship in his vulnerable single and visualizer, "IDK."

Known for catchy and soulful melodies, RYE 783 tells stories to the world while inviting listeners to form a deeper connection with his authentic lyrics. The Scarborough-born artist incorporates r&b, trap, and Afrobeat into his conceptual music that never fails to paint surreal visuals with RYE 783's storytelling and honest lyrics.

This time around, RYE 783 unleashes his personal thoughts about a turbulent relationship with his new single and visualizer, "IDK." The visualizer offers a more nostalgic r&b scene while RYE 783 serenades listeners with his deeply personal lyrics about a relationship that ended in the worst way possible.

Expanding on the single "IDK," the experience opens with RYE 783's chilling vocals that bless us with the sweetest melodies alongside modern r&b/hip-hop production. He wastes no time getting straight to the point, reminding someone special about their past memories and how they must move forward from what they had.

It's an incredibly sincere single that sees a confused RYE 783 dissecting where it all went wrong and where to go from here. These relatable situations are everything we look for in emotional r&b and hip-hop songs, and RYE 783 delivers all the passion and authentic emotion we could ask for. His conceptual lyrics, paired with contemporary r&b/hip-hop sonics, keep us locked in from top to bottom.

When it all goes south, and you're not sure where to turn, find a sense of relief in RYE 783's relatable and emotional new single, "IDK," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, RYE 783. We deeply appreciate the relatable nature and easy-listening vibe of your recent single, "IDK." What moments inspired you to create this personal piece?

One, I appreciate yall for having me for real. But yeah, Life. Every day is another moment, and I tend to bring the best and worst ones into the studio w/ me. At the time, I was in a relationship w/, who I thought, was the one. Looking back, it was just a toxic and unhealthy situation like arguing and breaking shit kind of toxic. Leading up to the recording session, I was contemplating my next move, you know. I felt for her, but doubts are something I'd rather remove than manage.

Was it challenging to be so open when writing your vulnerable lyrics for "IDK"? What was that experience like?

I create with the intention of sharing new ideas. I wouldn't say it was challenging, but it definitely was an experience getting my ideas and making them tangible. It's probably how architects feel when they're standing in front of their finished product.

What was your favorite part about creating "IDK?” Were there any particular moments or experiences that you enjoyed most?

My favorite moments come from being in the studio, really creating the song. You know, it's one thing to have the lyrics down on the sheet. But I was locked in with my engineer, s/o Albi. I wanted to create an unforgettable ride and make sure that not only the lyrics hit and connect but the song delivers listeners with a direction. Evokes emotion, makes them Feel. motivates one to move.

What did you want your audience to experience when listening to "IDK?”

I want them to join me on this ride. Dance, Cry, FEEL. There are sounds and lyrics on this record that will be taken in any direction depending on the listener's reference point. I put myself in the realm where I write with passion and experience but also give you space and a vibe to eventually get to where the intended drop-off is.

What's next for you?

What's next is the takeover! Aha, im currently preparing the rollout for the featured EP(The Boy Who Lived) and dropping off visuals for the people. And, Im outside! If you ever find yourself in Ontario this year, I'll be doing shows and hosting events. I'm on the ground level with this. I want to directly connect with the people who are resonating with the music. I craft it for them in the end anyway, you know.