Ryel Delivers Spectacular Electro Pop Crossover “Bad”

Hailing for San Antonio, Texas, pop artist Ryel is delivering new music with over ten years of experience under his belt. Formally fronting heavier bands, Ryel decided to make the move to a more pop direction with the help of producer/ songwriter Cory Brunnemann and Jacob Mares.

Ryel's latest release, “Bad” is a bass-driven electro-pop crossover hit. Classic synths inject energy and optimism into the room for this one, piercing the air with electronic energy and brightness. A sudden intensity contrasts brilliantly with the smooth and delicate innocence of that leading voice. Ryel has an incredible vocal range and the melody through “Bad” is beyond addictive. “Bad” is stunning, a classic electro-pop journey with a crisp and clean finish yet an overall weight and warmth that works beautifully at volume.

In the same instance, there’s a song and a concept at play, as the listener you’re inspired to believe in better and as the soundscape and that hook rain down you’re filled with a sense of wonder and vibrancy. As is the role of great electronic music, and no one does it greater than Ryel right now. Absolutely worth a few streams!

Listen to "Bad" here