S.N.T. Brings Us Nostalgic R&B Vibes in Latest Release "Good Love”

S.N.T. is an up and coming R&B artist based out of Philadelphia whose goal is to bring back nostalgic R&B music but with his own spin. S.N.T. recently made his mark in the R&B scene with his latest release, “Good Love prod. (J.Cruz)” and this one is full of late-night vibes.

“Good Love prod. (J.Cruz)” patiently opens up with a charmingly familiar hybrid between an electric and acoustic piano that sets a midnight tone full of vibrant soft colors that we couldn’t help but feel as if we were flying above the clouds. Then as soon as S.N.T.’s vocal hit us, we were instantly blown away from his delicate harmonies and ever so sweet melodies. It’s incredible how nostalgic S.N.T. managed to make this one; it truly feels as if it came from the ’90s. It has a familiar sound to it but a wholly fresh and familiar sound that still quickly identifies it to be unique to S.N.T. The production of “Good Love prod. (J.Cruz)” feels really organic and exciting to listen to, S.N.T.’s vocals feel beautifully wide and big to listen to; they sit on top of the backing track in a way that feels as if they are breathing in time with the music. This harmonious vibe truly makes for a memorable listen, and we believe that this tune should be on your night time vibe playlists. We can’t wait to hear what is coming next from this exciting new artist.

You can listen to “Good Love prod. (J.Cruz)” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic S.N.T.! We really can’t stop vibing to your release “Good Love prod. (J.Cruz)”, did you have any influences from that ‘90s R&B era that helped inspire this one? What about them made them influence for you?

My influences for making this song were inspired by 112, Guy, tank, boyz2Men to name a few. What inspired me was that- that sound back then was just so deep to me it was believable it had substance and you could hear the emotions as well as feel it, I respect and appreciate that time so much that I wanna bring that feeling back in my own way!

It’s great to hear that you collaborated with J.Cruz! What was that whole process like? How did you come to meet?

I haven't met j.Cruz personally, I just listen to a lot of his beats on YouTube and that beat just caught my ear. 

How does it feel to be making your own ground in Philadelphia? What are some ways that you try to differ yourself from the crowd as a new R&B artist?

It feels great I wanna have a leave a mark on my home town & Being among another talented vocalist in Philly I just wanna add my flavor, I believe its a different sound and because it's coming from me and my personal experiences, for example, I can write a song just about how I approach a woman and the things id say and do and add a walking down the street type of vibe like the way we use to instead of the whole jumping in the dm thing lol.

Since your very first release “Drivers Test”, how do you feel you have grown as an artist with the music you’re creating today? What are some goals you have for your future self and how do you plan to achieve them?

Well from that song that was just me using my imagination of a metaphorical sexual fantasy it seemed cool to write about at the time. From that I realize I've grown as an artist just from my use of lyrics, experiences, and life moments, and the growth musically still continues! My goals are to get more into the business as a Songwriting and engineer as well as being an artist, I plan to reach these goals just by putting my self out there to people by investing in myself and adding value to myself so that people in the music world can see that & say hey this guy has something, also starting conversations with people who are in the music world, you never know who knows who.

We thank you for being with us today! What else can we expect from you this year?

You can expect more videos, More songs, and a much better visual side of who I am as a person and artist! Thank you for having me!