S1K Recruits Fleezy to Show, "No Mercy"

Born and raised in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia, Hip-Hop artist, S1K is keeping his bars in check and his energy levels on one hundred.

Dontae Snow, affectionately known as, S1K has a story to tell as he grew up living on the streets of Campbellton Road and Cleveland Avenue.

Paying his dues in Atlanta, S1K was surrounded by drugs, money, and violence; all experiences in which he has now taken and put towards the music he creates to this day. A real come up story, S1K went from struggling in life to finding success on his own terms.

Teaming up with Fleezy, S1K delivers his latest collaborative record, “No Mercy.” Giving his listeners the true historical Atlanta swag that is authentic and relatable.

“No Mercy,” opens up with a slow tempo accompanied by the ominous playing of a piano that has us anticipating the moment S1K explodes on the track at full force. The bassline comes in acting as a solid foundation for the deep and hard-hitting lyrics that S1K exudes. Starting with the memorable hook, S1K repeats the title numerous times as it embeds in your mind as you sway from side to side. Sending out expressions of showing no mercy to the ones who don’t want to stick around for the journey, S1K uses this record to deliver the message as he also recognizes the ones in his life who are the ride or dies.

Between the power in his intricate lyricism, and the way S1K can ride the beat effortlessly, this track exudes that confidence that we all know and love from this artist.

Coming in on the second verse is Hip-hop artist Fleezy, adding his own zest to S1K’s track. The two complement each other on this collaboration as they both bring something larger than life to the table in the energy they put forth in “No Mercy.” From the start of the record to the very end, we turned the volume way up so we could let “No Mercy,” take off.

Both you and Fleezy have a great dynamic on this track. Could you please tell us how this collaboration came to be?

Well thank you, and to say it all happens naturally, Me, Spec 2 Dope, Fleezy were all in my cousin's studio that he just bought and we were freestyling on random beats and he played that one I hoped on first and then the hook and he did the second version and it was based off how I was feeling at the moment.

What events inspired you to create “No Mercy?"

It was inspired by a past clique that I was in when I grew up on Cleveland Avenue, in Atlanta.

How important is it for you to talk about your real-life experiences in the music you put out?

It almost feels like a relief because when you're in the dark and you just hear a beat that naturally clicks and the kind of person I am, I can’t lie about my life, one thing I learned when I grew up is always being true to yourself and a lot of people know and there is nobody can say I’m not who I am. I had good times and a lot of bad times but I had both mom and dad in my life but they can’t control the kind of neighborhood you grew up in, even if it’s not worse than how they lived.

What would you like your listeners to take away from this record?

I would tell them to relate to me feel my pain feel my joy and if you don’t relate to me feel my energy. Listen to every word bar for bar and just vibe with me! And understand, at the end of the day, love yourself and who you are, don’t ever let anyone change you.

Do you have any other releases lined up before the end of 2020?

Plenty more. I have a mixtape I'm dropping next month. This will be my 3rd mixtape called 'Tango & Cash,' with a friend of mine from New York. He is a producer and artist and he produced and mixed my whole tape, which took a year to create this project, but hey we got it done and it will be a classic.