Video Premiere: Sacramento Sweeps Us Into Visuals for, "MAMA"

Hailing from the shores of Sicily with a West Coast attitude, Sacramento is the debut solo project of Steve Fileti. Dabbling in chill-wave and lo-fi Pop sounds, Sacramento will have you dreaming of bowling nights, fancy motels with pools, and the best Margaritas of your life.

Sacramento is the product of Italian flair meeting synth-Pop Cali vibrations and its entrance into a new decade. Dipping into the eclectic resonance of Sacramento’s latest single and music video, “MAMA,” we find ourselves floating in a universe that is custom to airy synths, feathery transitions, and the ability to make you sway in the breeze of a countryside spirit tailored for the city dwellers heart.

Being the second lead single from the forthcoming album ‘Latte/The Italian Breakfast,’ set to be released in the summer of 2021, Sacramento enlists the talents of Luca Bergomi handling the mix engineering, while the enticing visuals were a collaboration with director Mattia Ramberti.

The entire film component gives you a sense of comfort as you tour the country landscapes with a vast array of cowboy hats, open fields, insurgent horses, and the musical tenors that arise from the feel-good vibrations only nature can deliver tranquility. With Steve Fileti playing his acoustic guitar through various farm settings, we’re engrossed in the comedic essence that comes from him not taking himself too seriously.

Playing into the environment he’s filming in, there is an easing sense of comfort that comes from the extensive series of visuals to back the absorbing sonic waves that have us pulled in and wanting more from Sacramento and specifically, “MAMA.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sacramento. The entirety of the sonic and visual pairing for “MAMA,” has us fully invested in your craft. Could you please take us into what moment or story sparked the inspiration behind “MAMA?"

MAMA came out just very naturally out of my mind during the lockdown. Everyone was living in its own place, isolated from the rest of the world with no chance to see and meet new lovers. Flirting at the time of the pandemic was a primary need and the expectation was getting higher and higher as we would get closer to the day we could be free again.

"Baby tonight when your MAMA let you go, please meet me at the ball, meet me at the ball"

The music video is so lighthearted and we can’t get enough of it. We pick up on something new each time we run through it. What was it like filming this video and working with the people you did in order to bring the vision to life?

It was fun and somehow it was a real relief. After what we went through this past year, to meet up and spend a whole day among my homies at a ranch in the countryside in the middle of nowhere, with horses and stuff, I thought, MAMA freed us, life was back and we could taste it again.

What are you hoping your listeners take away from the messaging in both the song and visuals for “MAMA?" Do the two meanings go hand in hand?

Absolutely, just go out again, go back to life, enjoy the sun, the sky, the colors, and the sounds of mother nature. You spent too long in a locker room the whole year. Stop listening to the goddamn music over the air-freaking pod and watching the goddamn tv shows on the couch. Meet nature again and meet the so desired lady you've been flirting over the last months, take as many shots of love as you need to, and make love every night.

We’re thrilled to hear that you have an album dropping this summer. What can you tell listeners about 'Latte/The Italian Breakfast?'

It's going to be out on June 11th, 2021, it's my way to imprint my life in music. Best time of the day, morning: wake up, have sex, get dressed (not too much), walk out to your local coffee shop, have the cappuccino along with croissant, and read the news under the sun. That's absolute paradise. That's The Italian Breakfast, the best way to kick off the day. This album is the soundtrack of this time of the day. Pure orgasm, the best way to kick off the day.

What's next for you?

Going on tour for the rest of our lives.