“Sacrifice in Cultra Anything But "Ordinary”

Hailing from New York, Sacrifice in Cultra is a Fusion/Rock band that refuses to hold back. Along with songwriter Sacrifice, members IBN Itaka, Mostafa Zaghloul, and Paolo Cicilion each contributing their very unique perspectives and talents.

If Sacrifice in Cultra could be described in one word; it would be ‘loud.’ Musically speaking, they consume the soundscape with heavy metal percussion, passionate electric guitar riffs, and synth-style bass lines. Sacrifice in Cultra has the ability to seamlessly combine rock and roll and electronic dance music into one lively sound.

Their music never fails to amp up the energy and directly transmit it to their fans – no matter where they are listening from. On top of their edgy music style, Sacrifice in Cultra is explicit and outspoken with their songwriting. Their right-minded ideals are broken down and described through their lyrics. The group aims to use their platform as artists to spread the message that they are not ‘sheep in this world,’ and refuse to adhere to what people call ‘normalcy.’ To top it off, Sacrifice in Cultra is set to release a movie called “Redacted,” which is based on their recent album, that will further represent their passionate views of the world.

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