Kick Back, Throw Your Mean Face on and Crank Up Sacrifice in Cultra’s New Single, "2020"

The New York-based Fusion/Rock group Sacrifice in Cultra is one of those groups that are able to bring together styles that you never expected to work but Sacrifice in Cultra is able to pull off.

Fusing in styles of rock and roll, electronica, and then flairs of dance music, Sacrifice in Cultra is sure to get the party going whenever you hear their music. Especially with their latest album release ‘Redacted’, it is full of right-minded ideas and good time grooves that we cannot get enough of.

Diving into our favorite song off of the album is “2020”, it opens up with a police recording before completely melting our faces off with an ever so edgy vocal and thundering drums that get our whole bodies shaking.

Speaking of current world events and not being afraid to voice their opinions, we felt as if we were down in the broken streets while listening to “2020”. “2020” features gut heavy metal drums, synth-heavy bass-lines that shake our subwoofers, electrifying guitar riffs that bring out our inner metalheads, and then an ever to in your face lo-fi’d vocal that is easy to hear the amount of emotion that Sacrifice in Cultra has about the world state.

Sacrifice in Cultra makes it clear they aren't a sheep in this world and won't be following the new norm of "normalcy".

With their upcoming film “Redacted” set to release soon and is based off this album, we cannot wait to watch it and re-experience ‘Redacted’ one more time.

Hello, Sacrifice in Cultra, thanks for chatting with us at BuzzMusic. We are loving the incredibly heavy soundscape you have in 2020! What were all of the elements that went into the final sonic outcome? How were they recorded?

They were the key elements in the process of this project IBN ITAKA, MOSTAFA ZAGHLOUL, PAOLO CICILIONI. By bringing these 3 artists together we were able to achieve Redacted. Each one of the artists mentioned has a different musical background and added something special to Redacted. They were able to create around my (Sacrifice) unconventional melodies and lyrics. They were recorded between Brooklyn and Puerto Rico.  Your vocals have this ever so edgy texture to them, how was this created? Was this a sound you had in mind during the writing?

I felt that the music was created to compliment the lyrics and push the story forward. Yes, this was a sound I had in my mind.  Speaking of the songwriting, you clearly are not afraid to voice out your opinion on current world affairs, what had made you want to use music as an outlet to express yourself?

I use other mediums including fashion and film to express myself, but music has always been special to me because of how precise the power of language is, when I write I'm telling a story and I'm able to give details that support my ideas.  With your upcoming film ‘Redacted’ being in the making, what can you tell us about what the film will be about? How will it relate to the album?

The film is extremely graphic and it'll definitely be a struggle to get it pulled down to an R rating. I can't say much more about it. Both the album and film are a reflection of the current state of the world. And it's more about how this relates to you. 

How are you trying to cope with 2020? Anything else planned for the year?

2020 has been a historic year and it's a great time to be alive. We're booked with projects until 2023.