Saffron Hearts Blows Away Our Expectations in 2019

As a mindful Indie/Pop band, Saffron Hearts are creating soundings that are unique to the category itself. These soundings are so delicate at some points, and rigid at others, giving us a nice equilibrium with their overall execution of sound.

The sounding of the vocals in Saffron Hearts “Right Here” is multi-faceted. For the most part, it maintains an innocent and light, high-tone consistency and flow, which makes it such an easy and enjoyable track to listen to. Another track we heard from Saffron Hearts this year was “Save Me”. What a fun sounding track! They incorporated trombones, which ultimately set that dramatic and amplified energy for listeners. They blended in other tropical-like elements to elevate that positive feel we fully get from “Save Me”.

As we progress onwards from the releases 2019 received from Saffron Hearts, we arrive at tracks like “Sky” which also feature as an acoustic version. It’s a light and airy track that exhibits parts to Saffron Hearts we didn’t know was even there! We have to say that “Sky” is such a serene and intimate listening experience. Hands down, our favourite track from Saffron Hearts. They can be so multi-dimensional with their sound that makes Saffron Hearts Artist of the Day. Their sounding is intricate and can be peeled away with rewarding ease. We’ll be keeping tabs on the band, for sure! For now, you can catch us listening to their tracks, notably “Sky”, over this holiday season!

Listen to Saffron Hearts with us, here.

Welcome, Saffron Hearts! We appreciate the chance to ask you questions about your music! Out of 2019 thus far, which track of yours has resonated with you the most? 

Paul: Hey! For me ‘Save me’ is that kind of song. We tried to express our philosophical views in the lyrics and also the music makes a wonderful vibe. I see this song as some kind of manifest.

Lina: For me it's definitely track "Sky". It sounds so simple, but the feeling that it hides between the lines and inside the notes is boundless. When we perform it live, it strongly connects us with our audience. I usually say at the concert that it's a lullaby, coz this song gives you the feeling of comfort and calmness, peace inside and some magic in this very moment. 

Your sound is very, very genuine. For tracks like “Sky”, the vocal delivery was immaculate, and once combined with the production, made for an iconic sound to be featured on an official soundtrack! How was the emotion packed into a song like “Sky”?

Paul: ‘Sky’ was one of the first songs that we’ve wrote together. It came out very naturally. Simple and deep, it already touched many hearts.

Lina: This song is like a flash that blinds you, it’s like a certain feeling that you can feel in some spiritual experience, and then you realize how it's all set, this universe, laws of life. You have no questions, you just feel quiet and peaceful. And you realize that you've seen it all thousand times. This very second is memorized in the song. 

Out of every experience, Saffron Hearts has endured during 2019 artistically, what were the best and worst ones? Did these experiences help Saffron Hearts to grow even further artistically, or even possible stunt the process of music for the band?

Paul: I feel like it’s only begging for us. We already recorded our first EP but decided to hold it until the end of spring. We’ve just released our first music video and it’s a big and meaningful step for us, cause we received very good feedback. Every new gig gives us new friends with whom we can share our music and experience something new together.

Lina: Basically we were born in 2019, as a full band. We had our first release and first performance. We started feeling the vibe inside the band which is very important.

“Save Me” was incredibly fun! It was easily a sound we could get along with. Where did the production inspiration stem from?

Paul: One of the main artists for me is Bob Marley. He guides me along with The Beatles since my early childhood. So, we caught the vibe and transformed it into a song.

Thanks again for taking the time to speak with us about your 2019! We’re excited to see what will be released next! Any hints on when we can expect to see releases from Saffron Hearts?

Paul: As I mentioned earlier, we are planning to release our first EP next spring! There also will be some more music videos and hopefully many many festivals! Stay tuned and let’s see how it goes! 

Lina: We are willing to perform in the platform of Festivals and bring our music further into the world!