Saintblu Is an Artist Hungry to Get Creative

Toronto’s own Saintblu is an incredible multi-talented inventor with a passion for melodic waves and Contemporary R&B music.

Striving with his creativity he uses photography as an outlet to explore new aesthetics. From his genuine and vulnerable emotion in his performances or the fascinating visual art that he captures, Saintblu is the perfect example of an artist’s hunger and desire to be creative.

In his latest release “DIE 4 ME,” the progression of the instrumentation instantly greets listeners. This record allows listeners to get lost in Saintblu’s artistry of a blissful utopia that is sonically created. Saintblu conveys a sincere performance as he captivated listeners in his story of having your significant other by your side through the highs and lows of life.

Constantly staying motivated by his friends, who inspire the stories he tells in his songs and who are also the first ones to hear his new music.

Be on the lookout for more music and videos from Saintblu 2021 as well as the release of his 'As he pleases' EP.

You can learn more about Saintblu here.