Salim “BruceLim” Browne Delivers New Hit “Artist kNOw Artist" Through a Punch of Sound

Tick, tick, tick...KABOOM goes Salim "BruceLim" Browne's latest hit "Artist kNOw Artist." The bassline drops hard on this one people, so safety harness up before you press play. Salim "BruceLim" Browne brings his music to us from sunny Jamaica and is transporting intense vibes that can be felt across the ocean, from Jamaica to America. This talented bassist is creating instrumentally driven compositions that have the listener "sit back, bounce, and enjoy." There are no genre boundaries in Salim "BruceLim" Browne's musical universe just productions that will have you asking, "shouldn't that dope beat have a DJ/rapper spitting bars?" Nope, that's just Salim "BruceLim" Browne's way.

We love the plucky overlay of bass, there is dueling of sounds bouncing off each other within the soundscape, firing their distinct sounds all over the soundscape. As the track builds, there is a convergence of sound as the bass and synths race throughout the scene in a frenzy, it's invigorating. You never notice the lack of vocals; Salim has effectively filled the atmosphere of the song with a diverse array of instrumentation that leaves no excuse to justify the need for any lyrics. Salim "BruceLim" Browne makes his stance on "Artist kNOw Artist," discover it for yourself today.

Listen to  “Artist kNOw Artist" here.

Hi Salim “BruceLim” Browne, and welcome to BuzzMusic. "Artist kNOw Artist" is quite the ride. Can you tell us a bit more about the concept behind the track and how it came about? Alright, so the riddim was actually among the first few that I’ve ever made when I just started producing in 2013. At the time I was listening to a lot of Jungle so that basically inspired the track- with my feel and interpretation of Dancehall.

Since your music is not lyrically driven, do you lead with one instrument of sound to move the track in the direction you want it to go? The main idea is to lead with a bass melody but I do like a little call and response with other instruments at times.

There is a vast array of genre qualities in your music. Is there one genre in particular that moves you the most creatively? Sweet Reggae music! Reggae definitely gets my creative juices flowing for sure.

What is the music scene like in your community and how has it lent to your development as an artist? Most if not all artists that perform at the shows I attend are Reggae or Dancehall artists which are vocalists. You won’t always see an instrumentalist performing at those events as the lead. Whenever I go to a concert, I listen to the band more than the lead singer. With me knowing what singers are capable of doing to their audience emotionally with their lyrics, I’m extremely positive that an instrumental can do just the same. And of course, my love for both genres lead me to create my own masterpieces for others to enjoy.

What's next for you?

I have an upcoming release scheduled for July 17th. In May, I made my Instagram followers vote for the song they wanted me to release next and Artist kNOw Artist came out on top. Now it’s time for the song it was up against to touch the airwaves! In comes Golden Reaction.