Sam Varga Opens up About Life as an Artist and His New Single, "When She Falls"

Hey there, Sam Varga! What a ride you've been on ever since moving to Nashville! How has your experience been so far delving into the music scene there?

It’s been truly amazing. I don’t really know what I was doing before I moved here. In many ways, it’s like living with the weights off because you're in the midst of what you love and your personal legend, but in every other way, the stakes/pressure are greater than ever. I’ve become addicted to songcraft since I’ve moved here and I love chasing it with writers of the same mind. Trying to just really fuck up the listener as much as possible….positively or negatively haha.

Congratulations on releasing "When She Falls". The track incorporates a real and personal element, which made it very heartwarming to listen to. How did you go about constructing this particular record of yours?

Writing when she falls took 4000 miles, a month, a night and a day to write….and in many ways, it was one of the easiest songs to write. It’s one of the ones that writers will tell you they weren’t really there for, someone else/something else wrote it. It was a voice I had only heard once or twice but at the same time is the most personal I could ever be. I wrote it after coming off a canyon in Montana after a bit of a vision quest I had taken it out there. The listener can perceive that song as vast or as small as they want to…

You've released a string of singles lately, each representing various elements of your artistry in complementing ways. How do you feel "When She Falls" compares to the other tracks the recent months have seen from you?

Compared to the singles When She Falls is just explicitly me. I think it's one of if not the most precious song I have. That song tapped into the artist's voice I’m really trying to harness and foster. I like what it has to say and how it says it. I hope I can hit that vein more in the next project.

As an artist who works with and blends together various genres, are there any genres you can't see yourself incorporating into your sound? Is there a specific genre styling you feel that you continuously incorporate into your music? 

I don’t see myself diving into Polka anytime soon. But who knows…2020 has been weird enough. And I think the lyric element of the Nashville-singer/songwriter will always be there…other than that I hope to push my musically sonically as far as possible.

What can we expect to see from you throughout the rest of 2020?

There’ll be a ton of support for this album. A few music videos, a bunch of shows, hopefully, a tour at some point as soon as the corona crazy is over!

Check out "When She Falls" here.