Samuriium Spices Our Days With His Vibrant Single, "Counting Days (Feat. Georgia Michel)"

From Bury St. Edmunds, the Producer, Songwriter, and Pianist Samuriium team up with vocalist Georgia Michel for their recent tropical/deep house hit, "Counting Days (feat. Georgia Michel)."

Using organic instruments with catchy plucks and vibrant melodies to create his laidback and relaxed sound, Samuriium's warm dance music can be compared to the likes of Kygo, Zedd, and Mauve. Samuriium has been busy collaborating with other artists/producers to find his sound and relish in it on a forthcoming EP dropping 2021.

With his latest single, "Counting Days (feat. Georgia Michel)," Samuriium explores the warmth of deep and tropical house while vocalist Georgia Michel serenades us with a relatable message where she reminisces the good old days. The song's ambiance offers listeners a bright and picturesque atmosphere as our nights get colder.

"Counting Days (feat. Georgia Michel)" begins with vibrant plucky electric guitar melodies accompanied by celestial pads and airy drum patterns at a mid-tempo pace. As Georgia Michel begins singing of missing her old life and her friends, she starts counting the days until she reunites with her loved ones.

Samuriium offers an incredibly bright and blissful atmosphere, which interestingly contrasts Georgia Michel's reflective lyricism. With each mesmerizing sonic aspect Samuriium offers, he's genuinely transported us out of our everyday routines and into a vacation mentality with the sweet sounds of tropical and deep house.

With serenity and peace exuding from every aspect of the single "Counting Days (feat. Georgia Michel)," Samuriium as outdone himself with this passionate single while exploring the vibrance of deep house merged with breathtaking tropical elements and Georgia Michel's heartfelt lyricism.

What pushed you to create a track that reminisces the past with your single "Counting Days (feat. Georgia Michel)"?

Due to the lockdown, I traveled back home from university. It was early lockdown that I first had an idea to create a song about COVID-19 - By being at home in isolation and adjusting to the new lifestyle, I was inspired to create a song that was resembling the current situation that we were all in. I really enjoyed my first year at university and missed the memories I made along the way and so there was a lot to write about as times were changing with the new daily routine in which lockdown had in store for us.

Is "Counting Days (feat. Georgia Michel)" the first single you decided to delve into the tropical and deep house within your production? How did you arrange your production to offer such a calming atmosphere?

I’ve been producing tropical house for the past few years, releasing an album last year called Tropical Voices Volume 1. I’ve always wanted to create a deep house and I would say this is the first single that I’ve created that is a ‘deep’ house. My take on deep house is very electric guitar-based, with a warm lounge character and minimal percussive rhythms that you can chill out too. The spectral space is filled up with saturated mellow pads to create that calming atmosphere; my go-to for this is mainly the pads on Nexus, but also Reasons rack plug-in offers some lovely pads.

Speaking on Georgia Michel's lovely feature on "Counting Days (feat. Georgia Michel)," did the two of you collaborate on the songwriting process, or did Michel write her own lyrics?

I approached Georgia with a lyrical idea for Counting Days, after writing some rough lyrics for the backbone of the song. Georgia emphasized what I had and re-worked the idea, making the lyrics coherent into what they are today.

Might we see "Counting Days (feat. Georgia Michel)" on your upcoming EP in 2021? What sort of concepts and sonic vibes do you offer on the project?

Counting Days is a one-off single. The EP is a collection of 5 songs about a relationship slowly drifting apart. Each song alternates between the two people in the relationship and is a monologue of their emotions and thoughts of the relationship. Each song is different stylistically (but still maintaining the tropical/deep house theme) to emphasize the lyrics being sung in the song.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Collaborations, collaborations, collaborations; working with people from all across the nation and globe. Being creative has been keeping me going throughout 2020. Being able to work with a variety of people whilst being isolated at home was really beneficial.