Sandro Manzon Emphasizes Layers of Musical Delicacy In, "Lately"

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and composer Sandro Manzon is known for his ability to incorporate elements of contemporary classical, Avant-jazz, traditional folk, and other inspirations into the music that he creates.

Originally from Canada, Sandro has lived and worked on his musical ways in Italy, Vietnam, Iceland, and Belgium. His Loungey-rock music is regularly influenced by the lush arrangements of classic Brazilian Samba and ‘60s Italiana.

Thorough with the alluring components that he bases his music on, Sandro Manzon releases the enthralling, “Lately.” Utilizing his talents as a multifaceted musician, Sandro Manzon effortlessly creates a dreamscape that carries opulent inclinations of musical dominance. The numerous layers that are performed in this masterpiece form a comforting ambiance of lounge-like tranquility that sprawl through your mind in a jungle of golden hues.

Placing the emphasis on each feature that is touched upon, the unperturbed medley of mid-tempo fusion weighs heavily on your soul, but light as a feather in the way that it’s portrayed. As you simmer into the evocative tones performed, Sandro Manzon has a knack for inviting his audience into a fragile universe where you can flourish in a fusion of his thoughts. If the mélange of instruments wasn’t enough, the vocal performance from Sandro Manzon carries forth an agile interpretation of blended realities.

Tapping into an eloquently fashioned embodiment of sentiment, it’s hard not to have Sandro Manzon’s name ring bells as you thoroughly inhale his artistic versatility. “Lately,” creates a wave of newfound glory all while reminiscing and shifting the focus to a kaleidoscope of era’s that have passed right by us.

Listen to "Lately" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, SandroManzon, and congratulations on the release of, “Lately.” With such a striking arrangement presented, how did you begin the creative process for this song?

I was working as an intern at a music studio in Reykjavik, Iceland when I started making this song. On my time off, I had a big empty studio at my disposal. Instead of overdoing it, I tried to keep the sound world intimate. Plunking away on a gorgeous butterfly Wurlitzer electric piano was the starting point for this tune and from there different elements of the song made their demands.

In your own words, what is the meaning behind “Lately?"

The lyrics basically reflect our tendency to contrive our true nature. It's a ballad for the ability to open up, become socially free, and motivated by love.

In terms of emotions and messaging, what are you hoping that your listeners take away from a creation like this?

I'm of the opinion that any two people will take away something totally different from a listening experience, or any experience for that matter. Though the lyrics and tone are suggestive, I don't really have a specific hope that people feel a certain way other than to experience some form of sincere enjoyment by listening to the music.

You incorporate numerous genres and stylings into your music. Do you have a favorite source that you seek inspiration from?

For this album, I was primarily inspired by arrangements of classic samba and '60s Italiana. Moreover, I tend to err on the side of experimental - coming from a background in contemporary classical music. So, I guess the music is an amalgamation of these sorts of things, among others.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I'm pursuing a plan to create a music studio/mini-farm. So if anyone is interested in following or partaking in this experience you will likely find me making music and learning to grow food and raise chickens to start.