Sara Ontaneda Shows Us That Blood Is Thicker Than Water With New Single, “Separated by the Sea”

Ecuadorian-American Singer/Songwriter based in NYC, Sara Ontaneda releases her heart-wrenching single “Separated by the Sea”. Known for blending alt-pop, folk, R&B, and South-American sound, Sara Ontaneda stops at nothing until her listeners feel something. Doing exactly this with her recent single “Separated by the Sea”, Sara Ontaneda ties these beautifully melodic folk instrumentals with a slight touch of alt-pop through celestial pads. Sara Ontaneda sings towards someone who she loves deeply, being her brother who lives overseas and away from Sara Ontaneda. She finds the perfect lyrics to display that blood is thicker than water, and that she’ll always be there for her brother even when she physically can’t be.

Starting off with a mid-tempo drum beat underneath subtle electric guitar picking, “Separated by the Sea” opens with nothing but love. While Sara Ontaneda begins vocalizing her emotions, she touches on how her brother was the one to teach her the ropes of how to be more patient and forgiving. While the slight touch of electronic pads makes their way in for the chorus, Sara Ontaneda brings her heavenly vocals to the forefront and sings the same message of wanting her brother to forgive her for not being as present as she wanted to be. Genuinely a mesmerizing piece, from the soft instrumentals and Sara Ontaneda’s pure-hearted message, “Separated by the Sea” reminds us that love is the most powerful force of all.