Sarah Kellysen Keeps Listeners Intrigued & Wanting More with "Forbidden Summer" Release

Canadian artist Sarah Kellysen hails from Calgary, Alberta, and finds themselves dabbling in various areas of the arts, whether that be regarding their acting, singing, or songwriting career. Sarah Kellysen is all about expressing themself in an entertainingly articulate way, and their recent music releases can prove just that. Using their music as a platform, Sarah Kellysen never misses a moment to enlighten and lift up their listeners, and did exactly that with their most recent single debut, "Forbidden Summer."

Sarah Kellysen enjoys surprising their listeners with their eccentric and eclectic fusion of Alt/Indie compositions. Sarah Kellysen raises expectations with the groovy electronic production in "Forbidden Summer," which only works to create an immersive and illustrious environment. Striving to manifest various vivid and vibrant imagery within their music, Sarah Kellysen can successfully establish a mystified yet glamorous soundscape that easily inserts itself into any enigmatic ambiance.

"Forbidden Summer" portrays a cohesive performance by Sarah Kellysen, making our anticipation only greater for their next release. All in all, Sarah Kellysen has proven to release songs that seethe authenticity and opaque transparency, which drives and stimulates our eagerness for new music by the idiosyncratic music artist.

Considering the fluidness presented in the production of "Forbidden Summer", how did you go about constructing the vision for such vivid expressions?

Whenever I am working on a new song I am trying to channel a certain mood. Heading into the creative process of this song and album I wanted to capture vibrant energy that will get people to dance and be able to forget their worries. This song lyrically was inspired by the idea of being able to forget the world around you and put that stress behind for 3 minutes to have fun. The biggest inspiration comes from my everyday experience of what is happening around me even when there is nothing there is still waves flowing in the physical or metaphysical realms. 

What was the major obstacle you'd say you encountered during the writing or recording process of "Forbidden Summer?"

I think the biggest challenge heading into this song was the construction of how it was going to be played out in the recording studio. Whenever I create a song I am working from the instrumental with another producer to capture that certain mood I am seeking and then I start creating the lyrics after that process is roughly done. It is now questioning how am I going to express these lyrics using my voice and what key am I going to sing in. The way you sing a song also captures a certain tone. I experiment with what works on best going from verses, pre-chorus, chorus, and bridge, I redo the song about 3-7 different ways until I find a way to put it together to make it just right. For this song, I sang not too low not too high however there are certain parts where I decided to hold a range of super low and high for a while during the chorus. It was my first time experimenting with a crossover of ranges in my voice. I did this on another song off the album called "Cosmic Flame" it worked well there too. The challenges come with experimentation that helps you grow as an artist and it benefits my artistry. 

Would you say that you experienced the type of response you were looking for with "Forbidden Summer" in regards to your audience? Do you often experience the feedback you're expecting to as a music artist upon releasing new singles?

In all honesty, I had no idea what type of response this song would get because pop music has been slightly dead for the second half of the 2010s decade however the revival from artists like Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga inspired me to go for electronic dance style of music. I was slightly nervous because I kept asking myself am I working with outdated sounds that don't age well? or am I taking a risk for glory? I think the feedback from the video slightly shocked a few people though. In the video, I am wearing see-through outfits which you can see a lot of skin. The see-through clothing in the music video represents trying to come through the boundaries and work with limitations. It was not meant to be too sexy. 

What are some future projects you're currently involved with now? Would you say you're the type of artist to plan for the future, or do you take the music world on as it comes?

Currently, I am working on writing, producing, and acting in my own short LGBTQ+ independent films that are currently in their planning stages. As for music I was working on another more spiritual album prior to "Rainbow Rhythm" however COVID decided to happen and that is postponed. I want to release that album when I am able to access studio space again to film the music videos. Usually, I would say I am always thinking of the future as an artist however I do see trends happening and I may adjust to bandwagon at times. But usually, I go to the beat of my own drum.

What has been keeping you inspired this year?

This year I have been inspired by empowerment through movements, music, and what's been going on in the world. We live in such tumultuous times that I want to create art to build happiness and a better world around us.  We only live once in life so I would want myself and everyone around me to enjoy it the fullest. We may be limited right now but we can still live. We just got to be creative with it.