Sarah Keyser Shows She Isn't a "Broken Record Fool" in Latest Single Release

Berklee College of Music graduate Sarah Keyser has developed her musicianship and overall artistry over many years and is now creating her own music in order to share personal collections to listeners. Sarah Keyser has that kind of artistic persona that's very captivating.

Listening to her songs, you'll realize that Sarah has a ton to say, and often, there's a bit of wisdom that listeners can extract if they're looking to. Some of Sarah Keyser's most recent releases embody.

Harmonious and confident vocals surge from Sarah Keyser in her latest song, "Broken Record Fool." Sarah Keyser tells the narrative throughout the song of hardship within a romantic relationship. She further courses through the innate emotions involved with trying to give up parts of yourself to maintain toxicity.

"Broken Record Fool" outlines interpersonal conflict, especially regarding one's own thoughts and perceptions. The track predominantly seethes vigor, and Sarah Keyser doesn't let up one bit when it comes to passion. Sarah Keyser does a fantastic job at crafting her vocal intonation, as "Broken Record Fool" has incredible resilience. Ensure that you listen carefully along to Sarah Keyser's newest track, as she packs in an enormous amount of character into the song.

What kind of sonic approach were you looking to take with "Broken Record Fool"? 

My approach for "Broken Record Fool" was to create a song that shared the classic elements of a pop/rock tune as well as my voice as a songwriter. I really admire Hayley Williams as a performer and I wanted to add in elements of that world, while still staying true to my vision as an independent artist. 

"Broken Record Fool" was packed full of heartfelt lyricism, and your vocal performance was incredibly on point. Do you often find it natural to share such a passionate performance?

I think that the song was a good representation of how I felt at the time I wrote it in college. In the studio, one of my good friends, Amanda Marsh, helped vocal produce it. She pushed me to really embody what the song meant to me through the vocal performance. I'm just happy that it came through the recording!

What kind of lessons do you feel you've learned from your education that highly attributes towards the way you create your music today?

My experience in college as well as working in the industry for the past year has taught me that patience and lifting up other local artists is the key to being a successful artist yourself. I have also learned that money isn't the only way we should be measuring success, especially as a creative person. Taking critique well over social media has also been a tough but necessary lesson for me through my process as a growing musician.

Where are you hoping to be within your music career in six months from now? One year?

In the next six months, I hope that I can expand my fanbase by getting my music into more music licensing opportunities as well as performing out at new venues & maybe even touring once it is safe to do so. In the more distant future, I would love to song write for bigger artists and keep learning new ways to contribute to the creative community in California. I also have an EP coming out in the next couple of months that I'm very excited about!